Do you know if where you live is wet, dry or moist?

Kentucky is nothing but accomodating to visitors. I picked up a copy of the “Kentucky: 2005 Great Getaway Guide” this past week while waiting at the Bowling Green/Warren County airport and began thumbing my way through it. As you might expect, there’s a “welcome” page from the governor of the Bluegrass State on page 3 and across pages 4 and 5 you will find the table of contents and a road map of the state. On the top of page 6, you find a U-S map with the state of Kentucky highlighted to let those of you who are geographically impaired figure out where Kentucky is. At the bottom of that page is another map that shows you where you can buy alcohol.
Is this the epitome of Southern Hospitality or what. Imagine this scenario. You are driving from Nashville north on I-65 toward Indianapolis and you’re thinking, “I forgot to get MeeMaw a bottle of Old Rotgut for her birthday”. No problem, you just turn to your wife, child or significant other and ask to see the copy of the”Kentucky: 2005 Great Getaway Guide” that they’re thumbing through and you can figure out if you will soon be traveling through a county that sells alcohol. And not only does it tell you if the county is wet or dry, it also has designations for “moist” counties. I guess I’m the last person to have heard of this concept but it actually makes sense if you think about it. A “moist” county (some people use the term “damp”) is a location where a city or town in that county has voted in alcohol sales but it’s only legal within the city limits.
I grew up in a dry county that was surrounded by dry counties. While I never tasted alcohol until I got to college, I, along with just about everyone else in the county knew who the local bootleggeer was. I later learned that two factions in the county helped keep it dry. Local churches and the bootlegger. My eyes get moist thinking about those dry times. I’ll drink to their good health this holiday season.

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