It’s all about……..timing!

Well if the rumors of Pam McKelvy’s immediate resignation are true and at this writing, that’s what some of the folks in the newsroom on the river apparently are still wondering, then this is a big deal at 3.

Jerry Tate’s been doing a countdown since at least early November and his last day on the air, at least to my knowledge, is Friday night. He’s planning to be on vacation the last week of the year before he moves on to his new post with the city of Collierville. With Jennifer Van Vrancken having already said “sayonara” that leaves Markova Reed the heir or heiress apparent, especially since MR filled in on the early evening shows during McKelvy’s maternity leave. That means they’ll have to get someone else to sit in with Kris Anderson and Todd Demers in the morning. Any shake-up on an anchor desk usually gives viewers an excuse to check out the competition, especially if management is slow about making the announcement and getting people moved. That means loyal viewers may decide to look elsewhere for their local news. Management will look at this in one of two ways. One, will they move MR to the night side and risk possibly slipping on the morning show or Two, will they keep Reed on the mornings and try to bring in somebody new to the night side. Unfortunately, Richard Ransom, who has been working the 10 o’clock news for the past year, has not been sitting on the desk in the early evening. On top of everything else, the newsroom doesn’t have a news director in place, at least to my knowledge. In my opinion, anyway you shake it up, this is good news for the competition. I’d hate to be the managers. But then, I’m sure they’ll tell you, that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

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One Comment on “It’s all about……..timing!”

  1. bishop Says:

    Channel 3 might want to re think that. Markova adds a great addition to the evening and afternoon but she is doing well with daybreak. I’m sure that she would love to move tot hat afternoon shift to stay int he bed later. That’s a tough decision. Joe you should consider going back!

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