A kick in the rear is still a step forward!

I was thinking this morning about Pam McKelvy’s departure from down on the river and how, according to one blog I read that they quickly removed all traces of her existence from the station website. Word has it, she wanted off the night-side so she could spend more time with her realitvely new baby. I applaud you for being willing to take a stand about your future. Sometimes you just have to push back from the table and say “hey, no more Jell-O for me Ma”. (Some of you younger readers may not get that reference)
I really didn’t get to know Pam that well but I know more about her than she might know. That’s because from the moment of her arrival, she and I shared the same desk at 3. Our paths just didn’t cross that much because she worked night side and I worked early dayside. I will admit that early on I could tell what she had to eat the night before because spaghetti sauce might have splashed on the computer screen or some fried crumbs might have fallen into the keyboard because we all ate at our desks. But she always kept her stuff on the desk a whole neater than I did. I’m just a stacker. I always enjoyed seeing the knick-knacks and photos that she displayed. I never knew who these folks were and always assumed they were family. I never got around to asking her. And it was not unusual to arrive early in the morning and find fresh flowers at the desk. The occasional lilies were a little overpowering with their fragrance and I had to move them into the sports office since they triggered headaches. The rest of the flowers were quite nice.
I only got the chance to anchor with her a handful of times on the night side. She was always so nice to me and we’d chat during the packages and commercial breaks like old friends. It wasn’t until much later at 3 that I remember regretting taking such things for granted. I know not everyone cared for Pam’s sometimes-verbose nature in the newsroom, but at least she was friendly.
So just in time for the holidays, PMack has given herself a new life with her family. Yes, there will be some adjustment, and you may even look back. Heck you may find yourself back in the fray one day. I’m betting you won’t. Here’s a pat on the back for PMack.

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