Is it too late to send out Christmas cards?

This has been such a crazy year and the holidays have proven to be rather hectic because of family circumstances. My lovely and talented bride reminded me as she has for several weeks that we haven’t sent out any Christmas cards. I figure that if people can leave their Christmas lights hanging until June, I can send out Christmas cards after the first of the year. Hey, you can take the boy out of Kentucky, but you can’t the Kentucky out of the boy. Besides, it’s the thought that counts. That’s my line and I’m sticking to it.
I know Christmas trees are already showing up on the curb. It’s such a sad sight. My mother-in-law usually has hers on the curb at first light the day after Christmas. I hope she doesn’t do that this year since we got her an artificial one. Bethany likes to keep ours up until after the 12-days of Christmas. It’s such a pretty tree this year. If I can figure out how to do pictures on this blog, I’ll post it.

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5 Comments on “Is it too late to send out Christmas cards?”

  1. mj Says:

    I once dated a girl whose mother would send all her xmas cards the week after xmas, but before new years. Never knew why, wasn’t a lazy thing, but a planned thing. They were a quirky family.

    On the picture thing, I’ll send you an email w/some code.

  2. newsboyarizona Says:

    God, you write more for this blog than you did for me when I was producing for you!

    I can show you how to post pictures if need be. Shoot me an email at

  3. Joe Larkins Says:

    Hey, I’m fast out of the gate, but I may not have the stamina for a long run. We’ll see how long this blog thing lasts.
    My wife wants to know if I’ve been productive. I tell her “No, I was just blogging”.
    Good to hear from you newsboyarizona. I’ve heard from several former co-workers from down on the river and I’ve concluded that they all have way too much time on their hands if they’re reading what I’m writing.
    I can honestly say newsboyarizona, you are still the only producer I’ve ever worked with who WON a prize on a daily contest being run by a COMPETING morning broadcast while “boothing” our morning show. That is truly a talent and I still chuckle about that. I’ll let you explain on that one if you are so inclined. If not, my version may appear. lol

  4. newsboyarizona Says:

    Feel free to tell the story. I had actually forgotten about that, and hadn’t thought about it for a while.

  5. business christmas cards Says:

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