My name is Joe Larkins and I’m a packrat.

We’re almost into a new year and my lovely and talented bride and I need to lose some of the clutter around our house.

How two people and two dogs can accumulate so much junk is beyond me. I’ve got magazines, books, woodworking and shop manuals, banjo building catalogs, (yes I plan to build a banjo even though I can’t play one) more books, stuff and more stuff. I’m tired of not being able to find anything because of clutter. I tend to be a stacker and my desk at home shows it. If a messy desk is a happy desk, mine is overjoyed. I get this trait from my mother who is an admitted packrat. She and I agree that less than a day after you get rid of something, you will need it. It has happened every time I’ve tried to get rid of the clutter but I’m determined to do something before out house collapses from the sheer weight of stacks of National Geographic, Smithsonian magazines and American Heritage periodicals.

Is there perhaps a 12-step program for this condition?

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2 Comments on “My name is Joe Larkins and I’m a packrat.”

  1. Tif Says:

    I’ll take any tools you’re not using 🙂

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    These days I’m not sure I can find any of my tools since during the holidays my workshop becomes a defacto storage closet just to get stuff out of the way. And thanks to Santa, I got a couple more gadgets to help fill up space. I’m a gadget kind of guy with my latest one being the Ryobi laser level with the vacumm that lets it stick to the wall. I’ve been dying to level something around the house but my wife says no leveling until after the holidays.
    I’ll keep you in mind if I need to get rid of any tools but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Now, I do have a set of National Geographics in leather cases that go back almost two decades….

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