News that I can use from the past 24 hours.

Automakers must have heard that except for pineapple, I’ve never met a food I didn’t like. Apparently a growing number of Americans (emphasis on growing) feel the same way (except for pineapple) since automakers announced that starting in 2006, they’re making car and truck seats a half-inch wider to accommodate our posteriors in particular and backsides in general. Thank you Big 3 automakers for thinking of me. Nothing worse than a hangover from alcohol and “hangover” from eating too much. A former coworker told me of an easy way to lose 15-pounds of ugly fat…. Just cut off my head! (rim shot) Good night folks, make sure you tip the waitress on the way out! That’s right, it’s an old joke, but this is an old show!! (rim shot)

The other news I can use from the past 24 hours comes from the CA by way of Woman’s Day magazine. You should eat all day long since sticking to 3 meals a day isn’t the smartest eating plan. You do have to watch what you eat and I’m not talking about the short journey it takes from the plate or box into your mouth. The blurb also says watching your favorite sitcom may just make you feel better about yourself by boosting your self-image and relieving stress. Let’s see, eating all day and watching the tube. That’s my kind of plan. One other thing, the experts say don’t stretch before a workout but do stretch afterwards. I like that too since that means I don’t have to stretch before I jog from the sofa to the refrigerator and back. I can just stretch out on the sofa when I get back.

Folks, that’s news I will use.

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3 Comments on “News that I can use from the past 24 hours.”

  1. mike Says:

    Joe, as I understand it, you aren’t supposed to eat three big meals, but more like 9 “portions” spread throughout the day, to avoid the “being full” thing. You eat, say, a couple of eggs before work, then an apple a couple of hours later, then a handful of nuts or trail mix before lunch, then a sandwich. Spread it out over the day helps your body absorb it better or something. (Not that I’ve ever done this, except to get confused and eat 9 big meals in a day. 😉 )

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    Mike, thanks for weighing in on the non-TV posts. I’m glad to know someone besides my wife reads them.
    Also, sorry I missed the blog gathering last week. Family matters kept me out of pocket.

  3. mike Says:

    I figured that. You were missed. Preliminary plans are for another one around Valentine’s Day.

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