There’s nothing like getting together with old friends over lunch.

I got together Friday afternoon for lunch in Southaven with Jamey Tucker, and Marybeth Conley. We got caught up on life in general and business in particular and it was so much fun. I’m sure glad that I wasn’t trying to drink milk during lunch because they probably would have had me laughing to the point it would have come out my nose.

As it was, we sat there and strolled down memory lane together. I had forgotten how much I missed chatting with MBC since we used to spend about three hours every morning chatting about stuff. I know I’ve talked with and emailed Jamey more this past year than when we worked together down on the river. I’m going to miss Jamey as he prepares to move off to Nashville to work there as WKRN’s religion reporter. In my opinion, they are lucky to have him and he will be a great asset to the organization. For those who don’t know Jamey, he’s a great guy who has an endless supply of jokes. If you can call him your friend, consider yourself fortunate. I know I do. I’ve gotten spoiled to being able to pick up the phone and call him just about anytime of the day.

Thanks to the efforts of MJ who has posted a couple of times on my blog, I have a couple of photos to show you. One is from lunch. I’m the one with the beard and Marybeth is the one with the…oh never mind. You’ll figure it out.

The other is an old publicity photo that was sent to me. It’s about ten years old. In that photo, I’m the one with the dark hair.

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6 Comments on “There’s nothing like getting together with old friends over lunch.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Daybreak is just not the same without Joe and Marybeth…and did anyone notice April Thompson co-anchoring the 6 o’clock broadcast tonight with Richard Ransom?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Joe, in your old publicity shot, you look eerily like a cross between Arthur Sulzburger, Jr. and Bob Eoff!

  3. jamey tucker Says:

    now that’s just mean

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t enjoy watching daybreak that much since you and Marybeth have left the desk. It’s just not the same.

  5. Eric Lipford Says:

    Yeah, the show “died” when they split you guys up. I didn’t like it when they stopped letting you guys chat. Chatting is essential to a morning show! We did it when I produced “GMWT” at WBBJ… and now at WICS, I stack my show at least 4 minutes light. It gives the show (and talent) room to relax.

  6. Robert Stevenson Says:

    At the end of your meal, did the waitress come up and ask you to wrap it up and MBC just kept going for awhile longer? I’ll log off and listen for an answer.

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