More reasons to quit smoking.

I made the mistake of eating while watching my favorite evening television news program: MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann. If you’ve watched Countdown then you know that after the death of Peter Jennings, Keith (we’re on a first name basis) went on a tear and now has a semi-regular stop smoking segment. He aired a report by Matt Lauer that showed new antismoking ads that will run on television. To say these are graphic is like saying there was a little fracas that started back in December 1941. One of these ads showed a close-up of a section of artery of a 30-something year old smoker. The person holding the foot long section of artery, which was about as big around as a finger, then began squeezing this artery like you would a tube of toothpaste. The nastiest looking yellow gunk you ever saw began oozing out of the artery. This was, according to the report, the buildup caused by smoking.

Hey, I quit smoking almost ten years ago and I know how hard it is. If I had seen this antismoking ad back when I first started lighting up, I would have given it up immediately. It was nasty. The other ads are pretty graphic too but the glopping yellow stuff left an indelible image etched into my brain. I hope it helps those of you who light up kick the habit. I’m waiting now to see how they convince those who dip and chew that they should quit.
When you see these ads and at some time you will, try not to be eating at the time. You could start losing weight at the same time.

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One Comment on “More reasons to quit smoking.”

  1. OrinEnglish Says:

    Unless you live in New York state, you won’t be seeing those ads, actually. They are part of a statewide campaign.

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