Much ado about nothing

Did the world come to an end Friday night and I forgot to catch it.

The Book of Daniel aired Friday night on all but a handful of NBC affiliates and as of this morning, the world is still turning.

I did see some lambs lying down with lions but I do live in Midtown where you expect to see things such as that along with other unusual events taking place on a daily basis.

Seriously, the pre-show publicity probably did more to drive people to the show than it would have if such a big deal hadn’t been made about it.

It’s been pointed out that other shows have generated a lot of controversy. Remember the soap opera comedy spoof “Soap” with Billy Crystal playing the part of a gay guy. Predictions of ABC’s demise were premature back then.

I would just about bet the farm that the movie “Oh God” with George Burns as God and John Denver as a grocery store person who is told by God to spread his word. I don’t think it could be made these days because some might find it offensive. I liked the movie when it first came out and have seen it once since then. I’m not sure, but the preacher at the church I attended in Bardwell, Kentucky, may have encouraged people to watch it and there may have been talk years later of showing it in the church. (For those of you who never saw it, George Burns played God while wearing a golfing hat and a sweater) He didn’t look omnipotent but he did a great job in the role.

Anyway, one other thing on this post. In my previous post on “Book of Daniel” amnewsboy posted a link from a GM down in Louisiana who had a response for all of the protestors and supporters alike to read. AMNewsBoy said… KPLC-TV’s General Manager actually stands up for himself and his station re: Daniel… I gotta say… that’s one of the best things I’ve ever heard a person in TV management (news or otherwise) say.

Check it out. It’s a good read

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One Comment on “Much ado about nothing”

  1. AMNewsBoy Says:

    Thanks for the plug, Joe. 😉 Actually — they changed the link — is the link to his original post. (Although the other one is just as good.)

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