So, is the station down on the river about to become WHBQ West

Word out there on the street is that the folks on the river are wooing Claudia Barr. I have not been able to get it independently confirmed at this writing but that’s what I’m hearing. The lovely Ms. Barr who left 13 to sell real estate would take over the seat vacated by Pam McKelvy. If that turns out to be the case, she would join Jim Jaggers who came over not long ago to join the weather department on the river adding to their stable of talented and well-known folks. Could Steve Dawson be far behind? There’s already been some talent switch over the years from 3 to 13. Former sports guy Les Smith is now a reporter on Highland and Joey Sulipeck left a part time position on the river as the bowtie wearing weather guy to take on the post full time at 13.

I know that twice now, the folks on the river threw everything but the kitchen sink to get Joe Birch to jump ship and play ball with them. They found out that loyalty is big with JB and he stayed put.

Maybe a draft along with trades will come into play in Memphis TV. I can see it now; we’ll take Claudia along with two future reporter picks.

Sounds like a plan to me.

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9 Comments on “So, is the station down on the river about to become WHBQ West”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think Claudia Barr would be an excellent journalist to fill the anchor chair at NC3. She is a seasoned anchor who knows and is familiar with Memphis. She is a beautiful talented woman. I believe it would be a better choice to hire someone with whom the Mid-South is familiar than a person who viewers would have to adapt and learn allover again. I think Markova Reed would have been an excellent pic also, however she is tied to the morning where NC3 is now number #1. So leaving well- enough along is best. Someone else who would be excellent for the post (if NC3 could woo her back away from her husband and break her loyalty with AN5)…Kim Hindrew!!! But that would create a 10.0 earthquake with the epicenter at 1960 Union Avenue!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    April Thompson would also be a great main news anchor. She is lovely and she has the poise and flow, very seasoned, and she can report!!!! I really enjoyed her at Noon on NC3. Nevertheless, I don’t know if I would give up my 9 to 5 for the main anchor seat either.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    April has been doing quite well filling in at the anchor chair. She seems to have more personality when she anchors shows at channel three drive rather than peabody place.

  4. Candy Says:

    Please not Claudia Barr or Kim Hindrew. Let Channel 3 be distinctive, not a repeat of Channel 13 or Channel 5. April would be great.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    It would be a great reunion over at channel 3 with Jim Jaggers, Glenn Carver, and Claudia Barr if she joins them. The only one missing for a complete reunion would be Byron Day.

  6. bishop Says:

    Claudia Barr will be great. That would be interesting to see Claudia, Mearl, Dee and Donna battle it for ratings. At least we have 4 pretty women to choose from at that time slot! This is going to be good!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Peggy Phillip has issued a statement on her blog that she had been hearing that Claudia Barr was hired at WREG TV on ‘temporary basis’. I really hope it works out. Joe what is Pam McKelvy planning to do now?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    The PP report of “trial basis” sounds like a mutual courtship between “G” and Ms Barr. SHe is not a bad choice, and it seems that years and years ago she had a distinction of being one of the “most trusted” on TV.

    Personally, I think the coup-de-grace for WREG would’ve been to woo Brenda Wood. She (to me) is the missing link that would pull viewers from down the road to the “River”.

    Anyway, Hindrew, Clark, Reed, are not available. NC3 doesn’t have the clout or the moxie to woo a Brenda Wood. It would not me in character to beg Pam Critenten or Michelle Robinson back. SO Claudia is a defacto choice.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting that the only choices mentioned for Pam McKelvy’s spot are African-American women. Obviously, it’s wise and representative of viewers to have a Caucasion/African-American anchor team. Why not put Alex Coleman back in the primary seat? Maybe Channel 3 could have kept Jennifer Van Vranken, who proved she could do it while filling in for Pam last year. What a novel idea! Promote from within!(Though I’d hate to lose Alex from Live at 9; he and Mary Beth Conley are great together)

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