It’s a blog-eat-blog world out there.

Has the plug been pulled on yet another local blog? It appears so and at least one other has gone on hiatus. I discovered this as I went through my morning routine of jump-starting the computer and seeing what’s out there in the blogosphere. Mike, who posts at announced he was going on walkabout and would return when he returned. I always enjoy his rants on local politics. When I went to check I got nothing but a blank page. Peggy had scaled back over the last few months after dealing with vicious anonymous posts. I’m sure that could be tiresome and I’ve been fortunate that I’ve not had to deal with such things, but then I will admit, I’ve never really jumped into the fray as Peggy did. I would hope that she would take this as the compliment intended but if I were ever in a bar fight, I’d want Peggy to watch my back. Yah, I know she’s always had a dog in the fight, but I generally thought she made some fair observations about the local media and I thought she gave as good as she got. I know it left the former ND down on the river rather PO’d when I told her that I read the Pegster’s blog. I know the ND did too as did most people in the newsroom. That’s why there were attempts to stop people down there from reading it. Nothing like forbidden fruit to whet the old appetite.

When I started this blog just prior to Christmas, my first post questioned why someone would want to do this and questioned how long it would continue. Both are questions that I haven’t fully answered yet.

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2 Comments on “It’s a blog-eat-blog world out there.”

  1. Tvnewseditor Says:

    I thought it was a problem with *my* computer that I got a blank screen for

    Hope a corporate clampdown didn’t shut her down…

  2. pp Says:

    More like a burp in the blogger software.

    The blog is back.

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