Did the world come to an end down on the river?

I TIVOed last Monday night’s news at 10 o’clock from down on the river to see what some say is the end of the world, as we know it. Former WHBQ anchor Claudia Barr began her stint (however long that will be) on the anchor desk. She was introduced and then they were off and running. Did the world come to an end? No. Did the chemistry kick in? No (but then you don’t expect it to in one night). Will the ratings climb through the roof and blow the competition out of the water? That remains to be seen. But to be honest, it’s just another day in TV News land. Since I’ve been out of town, I’ll have to see how things are going one week after the fact.

Up until I had to leave town for personal reasons, I have to say I could not believe the number of hits this blog had received. At last count, it was approaching 400. I have no doubt that it was driven by recent postings about Claudia. She’s easy on the eyes, got a great smile and she’s known around the Memphis area. I hope she helps them in the way that the managers hope she does. It appears they are needing a boost. I say this because of a promo that I saw run about halfway through the newscast. Since I don’t tune in, this may have been running since Jerry Tate’s sign-off but I saw this promo about Jerry Tate’s farewell with Alex Coleman, Richard Ransom and Norm Brewer talking up Jerry. Hey, isn’t he gone? My wife remarked that she saw this as telling the viewers that while Jerry was gone, it was still HIS station they were watching. IMHO, they need to cut the strings on this and let Richard either make his mark or not. If I were RR, I’d be a little PO’d about that promo. Can we expect to see a Pmack promo too? I doubt it.

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2 Comments on “Did the world come to an end down on the river?”

  1. bishop Says:

    Glad to know that you’re back. Claudia did a great job and the chemistry was great between her and Richard. it’s good to see her back in the saddle.

  2. mike Says:

    Thirteen and Five meet at Three.

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