A colorful set on Highland

I caught WHBQ’s evening newscast after watching the State of the Union address on PBS. After talking to some folks around town and reading a few local blogs, I was expecting something big, bold and impressive and it was all of that. Can you say colorful? Actually my lovely and talented bride thought it was colorful and artful but that it overwhelmed the anchors. We agreed you wouldn’t confuse it with any other set in town. This was just a first impression. Maybe it will grow on us.I flipped over at 10 o’clock to catch the folks down on the river to see how the chemistry was going with the arrival of Claudia Barr. If there were two shots during the first part of the show, they were so short or I must have missed them so I can’t really comment on how they meshed. I also must have missed the three shot after weather if there was one.
I also heard from Pam McKelvy who is back on the blogging trail. For those wanting to check her out, go to pammckelvy.blogspot.com/ .

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12 Comments on “A colorful set on Highland”

  1. Concerned about T.V. Says:

    I guess we all have a right to their own opinion and heres mine. I think 13’s set looks like sh*t. They don’t have any station branding colors, whoever does their camera shading is obviously sleep and they are using pointless effects. I do believe every station in this market has a million dollar switcher capable of doing all sorts of things but I think when you do to many effects, you lose your viewers. Just this morning alone I saw at least 5 times where there was a delay getting from one source from another because the confusion of an effect. Mr. or Mrs. News Director at Fox, can you please hire a successful Director and Camera Shader?

    Well, thats my opinion

  2. LeftWingCracker Says:

    Have you checked their website recently? they’ve pulled ALL the bios of the talent, their weather consists of a radar shot, and the biggest area is for jobs AVAILABLE at FOX13.

    It’s horrible!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    jealous, much?

    any rushed launch will have glitches in presentation. new graphics pkg + new set=time to get it together. it looks good, and the production staff will catch up soon enough.

    yeah the website sucks. it has for years. but it’s funny that you point out their jobs available. i guess they’re the only station in town that can afford to hire people now.

  4. bishop Says:

    There website is bland but the new set looks nice. 13 is so generic to me that I don’t take them seriously. I think Mearl is a great addition there but even she does too much. 24 and 30 are a joke to me. 3 and 5 are more professional. Claudia is doing a great job and wrote a letter implying that. I think people should be rewarded for their service. Claudia has class and style. It’s good to see her back.

  5. Average Guy Says:

    Check out askthegm.blogspot.com

    The GM

  6. AMNewsBoy Says:

    Being out of market, I haven’t seen the set (but would like to)… however… their Web site is (still) God-awful.

    What is it about Fox O&O stations and crappy Web sites? NONE of the Fox O&Os have news video on their Webs… they barely have headlines… and most sites have HTML that looks like it was designed in 1998 and hasn’t been updated since.

  7. John Says:

    Personally, I like 13’s new set. Yes a little funky in places and perhaps ‘too much’ in others, but overall its much better than their look before, at least to me, which had become much too dated.

    They have indeed have had a lot of bugs and glitches, and no doubt its annoying, but they are learning new equipment so I guess they deserve to be cut some slack. Hopefully that will cease to be the case soon.

    It is important to note the set and their new look will be implemented at every Fox owned station in the country. WHBQ was the first in the country to get it. The Tampa station is also now adopting this new look on a few newscasts in the last several days. In fact, their new logo is exactly the same as WHBQ’s (they are channel 13 as well), as well as their graphics and music. Again, the look is to be standardized across the Fox O&Os, so 13 probably didn’t have a whole lot of control in the new look anyway.

    Their website is horrible though as amnewsbody said, the same can be said for all Fox websites.

  8. Joe Larkins Says:

    I agree the setlooks better than what they had before and it’s growing on me. On the matter of technical snafus, it happens whenever new equipment comes in, so I can feel their pain.
    As for being an O&O, I don’t know how much longer that will be since HBQ is one of the stations Fox wants to sell. At least that’s what was announced last year. Any update on that?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    yeah-they’re not being sold, and the web site for all fox o&o’s will be redone by the end of the year.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Speaking of old, out dated sets…somebody PLEASE tell Peggy Phillip and Raycom that channel 5 WMC TV is long over-due for a major overhaul concerning their set and their graphics!!! Shame on them for putting all the weight on Joe Birch’s back!!!

    With that out of the way, I believe that seasoning (experience) from veteran news anchors are more important than chemistry. Sometimes the best chemistry developes over time. Claudia and Richard are doing a great job presenting themselves as a reputable anchor team. They generate off each other. So WREG should keep it right there!!

    As for 13, everything they do matches the FOX Network on a local scale. So any extremities on FOX 13 just represents their brand, and well. Mearl Purvis fits well, however exude. Chs.24/30 need a news build (morning and midday newscasts) in order to poise that operation as a serious competitor; the harm is not in their news brand.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    read peggy’s blog. she too sings praises of the new 13 set…in her own way….

  12. Anonymous Says:

    How old is Mearl Pervis?

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