I spent my afternoon impregnating fertile and impressionable young minds.

I got a call from a former coworker of mine from down on the river about coming over to the University of Memphis to speak to her journalism class. Some of you may remember Lurene Cachola who left reporting to pursue academics. She is now Dr. Lurene Kelly at the U of M and asked me to spend a couple of hours with a producing class. She said part of their work dealt with on-air work and she asked me help with some on-camera work in the studio. (Yah, I guess she couldn’t get anybody else to come out on a rainy Thursday). As I explained to the class, there are usually three ways of doing anything and my way is just one way. I shared some of my experiences with them and was under the impression that I was just going to critique their on-camera performance. Dr. Lurene asked me to read through some scripts on camera so they could see how I did it.

I have to admit, it was kind of strange to sit in front of a prompter and on a set again. But as I sat there, I began to have this feeling of deja vu’. I told them that the set really seemed familiar to me and that’s when I was told, it was the old WREG set. The colors were changed and there was no Memphis backdrop. I started to check under the set to see if some of the gum I put there might still be chewable but I decided not to.

Afterwards, I was chatting with one of Dr. Lurene’s coworkers who is working on his Masters at the U of M. As I’ve said before, I think there are only about 300 people in the TV News business and every few years they all change jobs. This guy had worked at WVEC in Norfolk and remembered working with Bruce Moore who was a reporter at the time. Moore just arrived this week to assume the head honcho position in the news department down on the river. Talk about a small world.

One other note about my experience impregnating fertile young minds. I emphasized to them that if they ended up as an anchor to remember to be nice to people. For some reason, some of the folks who get to that post in the newsroom feel they have to talk down to co-workers and feel that they are someohow something special. I told them that an anchor is merely a cog in the news wheel and without all of those editors, shooters, producers and reporters; the anchors don’t have a heck of a lot going on and would get really lonely sitting on that big set. Remember what you learned in kindergarten. Just be nice to everyone.

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12 Comments on “I spent my afternoon impregnating fertile and impressionable young minds.”

  1. Tvnewseditor Says:

    Hey, Joe, what’s with all the weird !–[if !supportEmptyParas]– !–[endif]– at the beginning and end of many of your posts? Is it something wrong with my computer or is it a problem with the tool blogger uses for your posts?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah…it is on all his posts.

  3. Joe Larkins Says:

    I’m not sure. I usually write my posts on Microsoft Word and then just paste them onto the blog. It shows up okay on my computer which runs XP. It also shows up okay on my wife’s computer.
    I’m not sure what causes the problem you describe. Any suggestions on how to correct it.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Average Guy Says:

    Write them directly on your blog. If you want to save them, copy and paste to your file in MS Word.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Glad to know where Lurene is now. I thought she was great on the air and wondered why she had disappeared. Joe, do you get any impression that she might one day return to the air?

  6. bishop Says:


    What is your next move? Are you coming back on air?

  7. Joe Larkins Says:

    I apologize for the extraneous stuff on the blog. I usually write everything on Word and edit it and spell check it before I copied it over. I guess the systems aren’t compatible.
    Lurene Cachola Kelly looks great and really enjoys what she is doing. I know she has worked with Rod Starnes over at Running Pony on several projects with the latest one being the live coverage of the implosion of Baptist Hospital.
    Since she now has her PhD, I can’t imagine that she would ever return to TV fulltime. I think she left because she was somewhat disillusioned with the business. She would do a great job if she did return. She’s cute and is a great reporter with great presence.
    Bishop, I’m still trying to get my next move worked out. It seems everytime I get ready to make ends meet, somebody moves one of the ends.
    Fortunately my wife is patient and supportive but don’t be surprised if you see me standing out at some busy intersection with a sign that says “Will anchor for food”!

  8. bishop Says:

    You’re really missed!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Do you think that one day the companies such as the New York Times may include in their contracts no blogs.

  10. LeftWingCracker Says:

    Joe, Peggy Phillip’s site is down completely. Heard anything?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I’m still able to get PP blog, but het last posting was the 2nd of this month.

  12. Joe Larkins Says:

    Over the weekend, I think a number of the blogs on blogger.com could not be reached. I tried most of the day Saturday and couldn’t log on.
    As to the issue of contracts and blogging. Some companies already restrict blogging activity. I think as blogging grows, companies will be a little more restrictive. Some people I know are already afraid to comment on blogs for fear of reprisal by the company.

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