Treat people like adults, they’ll act like adults

Boy was I wrong about that. When I started this blog just before Christmas, I raised the question of why someone would want to blog. I’ve also asked that if people didn’t like to read this blog, please don’t. It’s like television. If you don’t like what you see, change the channel. I’ve tried to make a few observations about local television and share a little about me. I’ve gotten mostly positive feedback and the couple of times that someone started to get ugly, I asked people to be adult in their postings. For the most part, they have. Yah, we’ve had some interesting comments and I appreciate the feedback. But then over the weekend, somebody had to show off and like a little barking chihuahua that is trying desparately to get the attention of the big people, that person acts like a child and posts something ugly, not once but twice. I appreciate the efforts of the poster who attempted to defuse the comments of the annoying little dog, but I just decided to delete all three postings.
When I first started this, I was told I would need to filter the comments of those posting comments and I said “No, if you treat people like adults, they’ll act like adults.” Well, let me just say I was wrong. I will admit I’m disappointed that I have to run things through a filter. Right now, somebody is reading this with child-like glee and an equally child-like mind and thinking “Boy, I got to Joe Larkins”. Yes, you did. You managed leave me quite disappointed. I guess you can be quite proud of that. Don’t bother responding, the filter is on. Now, go back out in the yard and play before an adult steps on you.

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3 Comments on “Treat people like adults, they’ll act like adults”

  1. AMNewsBoy Says:

    It’s a sad, but true fact of bloglife, if you will.

    There’s another industry blog out there covering TV stuff in a particular geographic region… and no matter what the topic, the comments basically devolve into “_____ at channel _ has a nice rack”. Yeah, there’s a freedom of speech there — but the cost is that any worthwhile commentary is rendered useless.

    I can’t applaud the decision to go screened (because I’d rather seem some maturity out there), but I can understand why.

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    I guess I wasn’t being realistic but I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to see some of the postings. I don’t mind people disagreeing with things I’ve posted but then there are those who just decided they needed to be vicious and say things that were downright ugly. I didn’t mind the personal attacks but that somebody would make derogatory remarks about black people (regarding my posting on Black History month” made me decide to pull the plug on unfiltered comments. I’ve already been blasted by what I can only guess would be the same posters about being able to dish it out but not being able to take it.
    I’m sorry if you thought that’s what I was dishing out, but that’s not what this is about and you know what, I don’t have to allow it. I don’t think you’d let people you invited into your house to stay long if they dumped garbage and trashed the place. It won’t happen here either.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Joe – I know you’ll get this and that it won’t show up on your blog. That’s fine. Just wanted to tell you that feedback you don’t like is part of the “public” process… It’s actually part of having a blog. ‘Course, it’s your’s… and you should do what you like… but I think you should just take out your tampon and lose the skirt. Stop being such a puss. You have a good blog, but you’re whining too much. Focus on the issues you know… and stop wasting time on the losers who want to slam you.

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