Zero, zip, nada

That’s how much of the Superbowl and the big pregame show I saw on Sunday. I’m sorry to say I don’t feel I missed that much.
Instead, my wife and I caught up on a few magazines after browsing through the CA to get caught up on all things Memphis. We did watch some TV starting in the afternoon. I had TIVOed Lincoln on National Geographic Channel and The Madness of King Henry VIII on the History Channel. That was a total of five hours of programming and if you missed either one, see if you can catch a repeat because both are quite interesting, especially Lincoln. I guess I’ll have to look for the score to see who won the Superbowl.
By the way, some of you have posted complaints about extraneous computer type stuff appearing in my blogs. I think I’ve got that particular problem “whupped”. Thanks to all of you who alerted me to the problem.

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2 Comments on “Zero, zip, nada”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Joe,do you think local media coverage will ever regain their reign over news coverage or do you think cable, satellite, and even internet new purveyors have taken this over for good? Seems these others are at least 2 days ahead. I liked your comment about weather reporting and the excitement a simple rain shower causes.(Panic, terror, death, things worse than death!)

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    I think local media coverage will continue to reign supreme as long as stations are broadcasting. That’s because they are the only operations geared toward providing news on a regular basis. I’m not sure how the citizen journalist effort is paying off. So far, what I’m seeing isn’t impressing me and there is not a team effort in the CJ cause. It almost has to be a team effort to get attention. One person is not going to do it all. I do think the local media coverage viewer/reader base will continue to erode as people get more disillusioned with local coverage. That’s one of the reasons newspapers, TV and radio are scrambling to find other means of drawing people in, i.e. internet, etc.

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