Cheney’s got a gun, Cheney’s got a gun…

That’s the headline I saw on Countdown with KO. I felt sorry for Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary who was fielding questions from the press corps on the Cheney shooting. As I had blogged previously, I’ve quail hunted and it’s important to know where everybody is at all times when you’re about to discharge a weapon. But what could have been a minor issue has blown up because those invovled waited so long to address the situation. The fact that the Secret Service kept local sheriff’s officials at bay didn’t help. Olbermann interviewed the newspaper reporter who broke the story. I predict Kathryn Garcia, the health and fitness reporter for the Corpus Christi Caller-Times newspaper will have multiple TV offers before the week is up and may find herself at one of the larger stations in Texas if she is so inclined. She is cute and has a good presence on the air. She did well in her live interview with Keith.
I had to chuckle when Keith interviewed Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank about the shooting. Milbank came on the air wearing an orange sock cap and orange hunting vest. He said he did that because he wasn’t too far from the Veep’s home in Washington.
I will admit I was out of pocket because I had travel back to Kentucky to pick up an airplane. Has anyone on local television gone to a shooting range to show what a 28 guage or a 20-guage does to a paper target at 30-yards. I expect to see it soon. It will show what birdshot can do at that range. Somebody tell me when it’s done.

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5 Comments on “Cheney’s got a gun, Cheney’s got a gun…”

  1. windypoo Says:

    Aw c’mon, Joe. Please don’t be like the rest of the major media who is attempting to berate the White House for not making a State of the Union-type address about the VP’s hunting accident. Surely this was not a matter of National Security. And if you look hard enough into the tiniest and very finest of media print, you’ll discover that the victim is recovering and will be fine and even he says he broke a very important hunting safety rule: don’t mosey unannounced into the same patch of quail that the other guys with guns are aiming at. Know what I mean?
    Other than that, I realy enjoy your site 🙂

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    I’m not saying the White House should have made a State of the Union type address about the accident. I just think it’s a little odd that not even the President was made aware of this until the next morning, at least according to his people. Do you not think it’s odd that when the second most powerful man in the country accidentally shoots somebody that nothing is said initially. If it had been anybody else, it would have gotten out immediately. As it was, the owner of the property is the one who contacted the reporter, not Cheney’s people. I don’t think this story is over by a long shot ( no pun intended). I also pointed out in my initial posting how dangerous it can be for a hunters to not announce where they are when it comes to quail hunting.

  3. Joe Larkins Says:

    Correction: Cheney told Bush about an hour after the incident. The White House didn’t release information on this until the next day and only then after reporters badgered the WH for information.

  4. tmfree Says:

    I’m sure this was an accident.
    You are right, Joe, had this happened to someone else……. Well lets just agree that the story would have been VERY different.
    And I appologize for the bad grammar and spelling.

  5. windypoo Says:

    Aw c’mon. Joe. Please don’t attempt to make this Cheney shooting incident and the White House’s delay in issuing a State of the Union-type address about it as much of a big deal as the major media is doing. Surely this accident was not an issue of National Security. The victim is now recovering and will be fine. And, as has been reported by a minority of media in the very finest of print, the victim conceded that he did not follow the very important hunting guideline of letting the other guys with guns know that you are moseying into the same patch of quail that they might be aiming toward.
    Other than that, I really enjoy your site 🙂

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