PortaJohn Maintenance, Spittoon Polisher, White House Press Secretary

Which one of those jobs would you hate the most. Yah, they’re all necessary, but I think I’d hate to be the WHPS most of all. This Cheney quail hunting thing has blown up into something it didn’t need to be and probably would not be if handled promptly. But it wasn’t and now Scott McClellan has the unenviable task of having to deal with the White House Press Corps. I’ve seen him stand up there day after day on other issues dealing with the reporters and I have to think that whatever he is getting paid is not nearly enough. He takes abuse on a daily basis on issues he not only has no control over but no input on how they are handled. I hope he gets a big bonus at the end of the year and maybe has some kind of good gig lined up when all this is over. I swear, this guy could walk through fire and not break a sweat. Just once, I wish he’d say something like “bite me” to the press. I’d just laugh. I hope his bosses appreciate his efforts.

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2 Comments on “PortaJohn Maintenance, Spittoon Polisher, White House Press Secretary”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    First off, i work in local news…
    I’m really tired of the national medias “blood lust” since Katrina. Reporters, especially at the White House, are on the attack often for no reason. The VP had an accident during a personal vacation. If the VP had been shot, i’d expect to be told immediately. In many ways, it’s nobodys business. The national media just wants something to jump on.

  2. UPnDC Says:

    I used to work in local news, and now that I’m on the “other side of the fence” I can honestly tell you how many times I’d like to tell media members around her to “bite me.” “Blood Lust” is an appropriate term as facts around here no longer matter, it’s all about the “outrage.” The media generated outrage then transmits to the hill where our ever selfless Congressional delegations are more than happy to contribute by piling on, pandering to the press corps, perpetuating the cycle of angst. It’s brutal, it’s unfair, and it doesn’t serve the viewers at all.

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