Black History Month revisited

A while back I posted about Black History Month and whether it was really needed. I appreciate the folks who responded as they offered some interesting observations. I also posted about how I wished someone would do something different than listing the same old, same old on the obvious black leaders we all know about. Well, somebody has and I’ve been meaning to post on it. If you watch Spike TV, you will see vignettes featuring black men and women talking about people who have made a difference in his or her life. One guy talked about the man who cut his hair who taught him things about life, even how to run a business. Another man was a dentist who talked about who mentored him. Great stuff. I wish something like this had been done locally. The spots are well done and it brings it home in a way that it really means something. Local heroes if you will who’ve made a difference.

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2 Comments on “Black History Month revisited”

  1. bishop Says:

    What’s your opinion on Claudia and Richard’s duo? I like the chemistry. I think Claudia proves she never lost a beat. I just wondered how do you feel about her being back?

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    Actually I haven’t watched them since the first week. I wanted to give some time for them to hit their stride.
    I have received at least one comment that they look good and seemed to be clicking. I will have to check them out and post on it.

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