I actually watched some of the Olympics, alert the media!

Wow, I finally saw some of the Winter Olympics. It was part of the curling competition. Why was I watching? Because I mis-punched the remote control trying to get to the Weather Channel. I will admit, curling ranks right up there with watching ice melt, but there’s something about seeing four grown people doing what they do in curling that just captured my attention. One person slides the curling stone down the ice toward the target area while two others sweep in front of the stone to speed it up and turn it if necessary. I bet they sell a lot of beer at these competitions. Okay, the reason I kept watching was because it involved the USA against the Canadians. I only saw about ten minutes of the competition and had to leave.
From what I’m hearing, a lot of people are NOT watching the Winter Olympics and that’s costing NBC and its affiliates in a big way. I remember back in the 1980 Winter Olympics when the Team U-S-A Hockey Team won everything. I had never even seen hockey until the “Miracle on Ice”. It was “must see” TV. It helped draw me in to watch several of the other competitions as well. They used to have catchy theme music and it was fun to watch. Maybe it was when they started staggering the Winter and Summer games. Whatever the reason, the Olympics just don’t inspire me anymore.
One final note on Winter Olympics. Back when I was down on the river working the morning show, we used to record a daily promo to run during 10 o’clock news. I got permission from the ND at the time to write a promo that would run all month during the Winter Olympics taking place in Nagano, Japan. I wrote the promo, and called a person at the University of Memphis who translated into Japanese for me and helped me spell it out phonetically. Then I put it into the prompter and had English subtitles made. The morning team (made up of Marybeth Conley, Todd Demers, Joey Hadley and me) then spoke Japanese during the promo with the subtitles displayed underneath. I’ve still got a copy of it and if I could figure out how to post it and link to it, I’d show it to you. I will admit it’s funny to hear Japanese in a Southern accent.

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