H-D T-V spells bad news for A-N-C-H-O-R-S

I’ve been chatting with some folks recently about HDTV and how soon local news in the Bluff City might be converting. Yah, the stations are broadcasting some programs in High Def but as I understand it, we shouldn’t expect to see local news in HD just yet. Those who have HDTV already tell me the difference is incredible. Those who have seen network news anchors in High Def say it’s more than a little surprising. Apparently viewers are able to see every pore and poorly done make-up job that’s out there. It’s apparently redefining what kind of make-up is used and how it’s applied. Back in the day, I used to apply some pancake to cover my beard and on the advice of a consultant put some light colored stuff called “erase” around my eyes. I was told I had deep set eyes and this would bring them out. I never noticed any difference.
But some are now suggesting that anchors get a good look at themselves on camera in the studio before they go on the air. Quickly slapping on some makeup apparently won’t cut it on HDTV. It’s a bigger deal in the studio than in the field where the lighting is usually neither as good nor intense and news people aren’t on camera as long. Knowing the vanity of some on camera folks, a pimple or a hangover might end up being a reason to call in sick.
When arrives locally, viewers will find that news people have flaws afterall. Who knows, maybe more on-air people will be slathering on “Preparation H” around their eyes to shrink the bags or using teeth-whiteners to make those pearly whites really glow.
But, I think we’re still a few years away from worrying about that.

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4 Comments on “H-D T-V spells bad news for A-N-C-H-O-R-S”

  1. Joy Says:

    Hey, Joe, I thought about using Preparation H around my eyes when my age started to get the better of me. But I talked with a doctor who said the U.S. made product no longer contains the ingredient that tightens the skin. She said you can still get that version of the product in Canada, but unfortunately, the American variety won’t do anything for your face other than make it greasy 🙂 Too bad. The closer 50 gets, the more I need it!

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    Wow, the things you learn from postings on a blog. I do know of a few people who used to use P-H around the eyes including one anchor in Memphis (no, it wasn’t me). I wonder why the U-S version is not the same as the product in Canada? Do they need a more powerful formula north of the border. The old formula is supposed to work well at shrinking the baggage around the eyes. Of course, I want to know who figured out that if it works “down there”, it might work “up here”. I’ve also heard cucumber slices placed on the eyes helps, but I don’t know that for a fact.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Tighter sphincters up in Canada!

  4. Joe Larkins Says:

    Regarding the last posting, I’ll have to take your word on that.

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