It just got easier out here for a pimp!

That’s according to Academy Awards host Jon Stewart after Three 6 Mafia won for its song “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” from the movie “Hustle and Flow” which was shot in Memphis. I’m told that some of the group Three 6 Mafia hails from the Bluff City as well. I couldn’t find that information in my brief and hurried search of their website.
And they weren’t the only folks from Tennessee to take home an Oscar. Nashville native Reese Witherspoon won Best Actress for “Walk the Line“. She’s too cute for words. I’ve liked her ever since I saw her in “Pleasantville“.
I really had not planned to watch the awards show since neither my wife nor I had seen any of the shows. Oh, we enjoy watching movies, but we found that too many people think of public theaters as their private living room and feel the need to talk to the screen or worse yet, talk on their phones or to each other in loud voices. We now wait until a movie comes out on DVD or on pay-per-view. Yah, we miss out on the big screen effect, but it’s better than paying a lot of money and not being able to enjoy the flick. Wow, didn’t mean to get off on that rant.
I ended up reading while the awards show was on in the background. My wife contends that she knows who will win some of the awards by things shown on the show. For example, she said Three 6 Mafia had just performed their song and they won. She said they showed a clip of the movie “Crash” going into the commercial break and it won “Best Picture”. Who am I to argue. She was the one paying attention to the show.
Anyway, congratulations to those who won. Three 6 Mafia can now say they’re on equal footing with Isaac Hayes, that other Oscar winning song writer from Memphis.

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2 Comments on “It just got easier out here for a pimp!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    the three six mafia hail from memphis and have been around for a few years. their earlier work was supposedly on the gory side with satanic overtones: hence the three six (666) mafia. if i am not mistaken, they were given a plaque from the city to mark their first gold album but the city took it back after hearing the lyrics. they had a hit a few years ago called “sippin’ on some sizzurp” which pays homage to getting hi from prescription strength cough syrup, mixed with juice or some type of fruity drink usually (at that time anyway) it was consumed from a baby’s bottle with nipple intact. this is now a big part of the houston underground rap scene which intentionally slow the bpms to better accompany the “sizzurp” hope this helps.


  2. rogerh2o Says:

    actually the three six mafia hail from memphis. they have been around for awhile and if i am not mistaken were given an honorary plaque when they first had a gold record. then the city or whoever gave them the plaque took it back after hearing there lyrics which are pretty foul. in their early days they were kinda gory and supposedly a little on the satanic side for shock value. their name kinda sums that up: the three six (666) mafia. they had a pretty big hit a few years ago called “sippin’ on some syzurp” that paid homage to getting hi from prescription strength cough syrup mixed with some sort of juice or fruit drink. hope this helps in your understanding of your local culture.

    jason larkins

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