Some folks who surf the internet now have some ‘splaining to do.

This is probably old hat to some, but I’ve heard that “if you haven’t read it, it’s still news.”
Apparently the names of about 17-million people who used the old credit card to view porn on the internet have their names being posted and shared out there. Not only are the names of these folks being shared, but so are their emails and and IP addresses. The good news is that the credit card numbers have not been shared. It all goes back to the company known as iBill
which was the top bill processor for adult websites offering such fare. Apparently the information has been found at two different private websites established for phishing and spamming operations. I predict a whole lot of people will be explaining to somebody about how they “loaned their card to a friend or business associate.” I just hope it wasn’t on the company card.

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One Comment on “Some folks who surf the internet now have some ‘splaining to do.”

  1. Doug Johnson Says:

    …which may explain why WREG wanted me to give my corporate card back… but it was only research — really!

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