You can thank William Shatner for inter-racial dating and flip phones.

You gotta love William Shatner. No other person has reinvented himself so many times. He’s been Ranger Bob on the Howdy Doody show back in 1954 to Captain Kirk, to police officer TJ Hooker to Denny Crane on Boston Legal. He even managed to record Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds! Coming up on the History Channel, he hosts a program called “How William Shatner Changed the World. It all ties into Star Trek/The Original Series. He claims he’s responsible for inter-racial dating with the first kiss between a black person (Nichelle Nichols) and a white person on network TV. (I remember reading later that some NBC stations in the south would not run the episode. ) Then there was the flip phone (communicators), laser surgery, floppy discs, CDs and space travel to name a few others. It promises to be interesting.

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2 Comments on “You can thank William Shatner for inter-racial dating and flip phones.”

  1. mike Says:

    Do not laugh at their title, but you need to check out Look At His Butt! It’s a website / podcast by a couple of women who are unabashed William Shatner fans. Very, very hilarious.

  2. A-W-D Says:

    It seems that choosing who you date from a certain race or culture is on the increase. I’m not sure whether it is good or bad but I suppose people have the right to chose. No one seems to care that there are sites catering for black or gays or Jews or Christians but I wonder how much backlash the site has had to endure. The bottom line is humans will, by instinct seek to mate within their own race/culture, the one that don’t are the radicals and not visa versa.

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