Hard work, timing and the Olympics courtesy of NBC

The folks down on the river have a huge reason to be smiling big time these days according to the Commercial Appeal. For the first time in 20-years, they’ve beaten the folks on Union at 10 o’clock. Partial credit was given to the millstone called the Winter Olympics that NBC placed around the neck of local affiliates. But in all fairness, I’m told the team is clicking down on the river. Bonuses will be paid now to those fortunate enough to have them written into contracts. Some may be licking their lips as they look toward the May book and what rewards it may bring.
The win at ten is a big deal down on the river where about a dozen years ago, efforts were made to demonize the folks on Union. Competition is good but one manager began referring to them as the “evil-doers”. I guess the name came about because it seemed like they could never be defeated and perhaps they had made a deal with the devil. They were the only operation with a nickname. I don’t know how the folks on Union referred to other news operations if they did at all.
According to the article in the CA, everybody’s shows were up. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I miss former media reporter Tom Walter. Everybody thought he was biased toward somebody else’s news operations. And Walter told the numbers of the news operations in other timeslots as well. I’d like to see the raw numbers on all this.
I’d been told the folks on the river were expected to win in the mornings rather handily but the paper didn’t even mention this. What about Noon where the battles have been raging as well. Are the weekends not important anymore?
Perhaps we’re headed for such Political Correctness where everybody wins and nobody loses and everybody gets a Gold Star.
So, winners, enjoy your successes and those who didn’t win, lick your wounds and swallow your pride and let’s get ready to gear up. We’re almost halfway through March and April looms large which means planning should be well underway for the May book.
Go kick some NewschannelEyewitnessActionFoxNews Butt and don’t forget those stand-up teases. You’re gaining on the competition.

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16 Comments on “Hard work, timing and the Olympics courtesy of NBC”

  1. Tvnewseditor Says:

    Wow. I wonder if the WMC management will chalk the loss up to Olympic suckage or if they’ll try to make some changes to counteract the ratings loss.

    And is a 10p Feb loss really a 10p loss when the newscast wasn’t even in direct competition with the other guys on most nights due to late news start times?

  2. bishop Says:

    Be Happy for 3. I think Claudia Barr has really added a boost to the ratings. She’s doing a really good job. I see that she is still here. I wonder if she will remain? I miss seeing you in those mornings. You got to return.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i work at five. congrats to 3 EXCEPT the win doesn’t really count since we didn’t go head to head the majority of the book. things will even back out and five will win again with NO thanks to NBC. That said, Raycom needs to start backing us rather than propping us up.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    And why the Hell did 5 have to carry one hour of Olympics from 4 to 5. all that did was kill the 5 and hurt the 6

  5. bishop Says:

    People at 5 please don’t be biteer. You all lost. Not only did 3 beat you all at 10 but also on other time slots. Daybreak has nothing to do with the Olympics. Channel 3 is smoking right now.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    You do have a point about Daybreak though for the life of me i don’t know how anybody canwatch that show. 5 will NEVER win noon due to CBS programming and 5’s lack of decent programming from 10-12. 5-6-10 are chalked up to Olympics. 3 did win at 10 but that’s like me winning miss america when no one else competes (sorry 24)

  7. Drew Says:

    Yeah, it’s a fake win. The folks at 3 should celebrate blindly. No reason really to worry if you’re 5 since they didn’t even have a newscast at ten. Who should worry though is 24. CBS dropped it’s start time for local news 15 minutes somenights thinking it would throw out the night in the book. CBS figured the Olympics would be a ratings winner, but that strategy backfired. ABC’s primetime is doing gangbusters (Super Bowl, Desperate Housewives, Gray’s Anatomy, Bachelor) and 24 barely gets a mention in the ratings. If anyone should have gone up it was 24. If anyone is disappointed it’s 24. If anyone is celebrating it’s the 3 folks. Of course, it’s like winning a race with a blind guy and two other contestants who aren’t invited.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    One thing, Channel 5 needs an overhaul with those 10 year old graphics and out of date news set. Image is everything in a market like Memphis. Channel 5 isn’t representing the Memphis market decently. The news delivery at channel 5 stinks and needs adjustments. PP should have never move KC to the mornings. She should have kept KC at the mid-day/early evening because KC and JB are the verteran anchors. Veteran anchors always keep viewers (esp. traditional viewers).

    I hope Claudia Barr stays with NC 3. Three has the news team: morning, midday, early evening and primetime. Channel 3 represents Memphis well and also demonstrates a better news delivery and connectivity with the viewing audience.

    Channel 24 only needs a news build (i.e. morning news). Then people will begin to take that station seriously.

    Joe…come on back.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    we’re hoping for a new set but it never arrives. And the sad things is those graphics are only 2.5 years old. the graphics before those were much better. And i agree about KC. Ursula would be a better match for AMs and someone other than Nick. Nice guy but…
    Don’t like 3 in AM or Noon. Why 3 let Joe and Jamey leave is a mystery.

  10. bishop Says:

    Channel 3 in the morning is better than any other morning station bottom line. I love Joe and Donna on 5, 6 and 10 but Claudia and Richard is doing a great job. Mearl is good for 13. They seem to have a lot of fun. I think all of the staion except 24 is stepping the game up.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Mearl sounds like she has marbles in her mouth. Nice-looking, but she can’t seem to get her words out without getting them all bobbled up in her mouth. On AN5, I’ve always like JB, but Donna just doesn’t seem like a newsperson to me. Too much makeup, distractingly low necklines, and looks like a deer caught in the headlights. I like Claudia, though Channel 3 seems to have lost some of its individuality by hiring from former local competitors.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    seems to me like 3 is the Oakland Raiders of Memphis tv. They grab people the other teams have let go.

    And when’s the last time the raiders have won a super bowl?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    What about Byron Day? If he came back I think it would be very intresting.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Joe, people at Ch.5 referred to WREG in those days as “three” – I never *ever* heard anything else, derogatory or otherwise. We’ve always viewed them as our only competition; sad but true. I agree with the Drew, ch.24 is the big loser in the recent ratings. The mention of Ursula reminds me that 5 lost in the mornings, I believe for the first time. What do all of you think the problem there is? What/who would you change? What does 3 do better in the mornings?

  15. Joe Larkins Says:

    If I could answer your question, I’d have TV stations shoveling stacks of money in my general direction. I have my opinion, but let me do this. Give me about a week or so and I will watch 5, 3 and 13 in the mornings and give you My opinion. I’m sure others already have formed an opinion but I will attempt to see what I think the advantage is that one has over another. I will warn you in advance that my opinion and 86-cents (which you provide) will get you a cup of coffee at MacDonalds.

  16. bishop Says:

    Channel 3 in the morning is better than any other morning station bottom line. I love Joe and Donna on 5, 6 and 10 but Claudia and Richard is doing a great job. Mearl is good for 13. They seem to have a lot of fun. I think all of the staion except 24 is stepping the game up.

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