Goodbye Chef and the lack of an earthquake special on TWC leaves me all shook up

I will admit it. I’ve gotten spoiled to TIVO. All you have to do is point, click and it records your favorite program. It also records things it thinks you want to watch which can be a real pain, but that’s a posting for another time. I had three things I really wanted to watch Sunday night: How William Shatner Changed the World (should not have been stretched to two hours), Mind of Mencia (this guy may be the funniest person on TV) and It Could Happen Tomorrow on the Weather Channel which focused on the earthquake we could expect from the New Madrid Fault. I generally don’t care for programs about potential disaster since we have enough real disasters going on in the world as is but I do feel it’s just a matter of time before the Midsouth gets hammered. Because of recording and viewing conflicts with the TIVO, I recorded ICHT at a later showing. Imagine my surprise and disappointment to discover the episode I recorded was about the San Andreas Fault. The info on the playback said it was about the New Madrid area but all I saw during the first five minutes was about California. Maybe the severe weather prompted TWC to postpone the later showing. I don’t know if it was worth watching or not.
One show I generally do find worth watching on a daily basis is Countdown with Keith Olbermann and if Rendezvous Ribs has any marketing savvy about them, they should send him an order of ribs. Olbermann was talking with Howard Fineman who was in Memphis over the weekend to cover the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. They were talking about how Senator Bill Frist had treated some of the delegates to ribs “across the street from the Peabody” at the Rendezvous. Fineman bragged about the ribs and Olbermann commented since HE didn’t get down to Memphis, he’d have to take Fineman’s word on how good the food was. I’d almost bet Olbermann gets an order of ribs from Memphis before this week is up.
And speaking of publicity, I didn’t see a lot of the coverage, but Memphis looked good from what I could see during the SRLC over the weekend. I know the Peabody loved the publicity AND the traffic as did the businesses in the rest of the downtown area.
And say goodbye to Chef on the Comedy Channel’s show Southpark. According to the Commercial Appeal, Memphian Isaac Hayes who provides the voice of Chef says he was offended by how the show’s creators treat religion and has quit. The creators say Hayes never had a problem with anything until it produced a show focusing on Scientology which Hayes believes in. My wife hates Southpark and I watch it only when there’s not much else on. It has it’s humorous moments (Mega-Barbara Streisand comes to mind) but generally speaking it’s never been my cup of tea.

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5 Comments on “Goodbye Chef and the lack of an earthquake special on TWC leaves me all shook up”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    watch the whole “it could happen tomorrow” episode… it is about memphis, just the first five minutes are not

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    I’m glad you shared that with me. I just went back and looked at the TIVOed program and this is what happened. The Weather Channel interrupted the first part of the 11pm program with severe Wx coverage so they must have mentioned the New Madrid fault at the beginning of the program. When they resumed regular coverage of the program, it was about five minutes into the show and the narrator was rambling on about California. After your posting, I rechecked the recording and they finally mentioned the New Madrid fault and showed Memphis about ten minutes into it. I guess I’ll have to re-Tivo this program to catch it since I’ve got breaking wx stuff at the beginning.
    Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i can’t wait for the big one to happen in memphis. this way i can blame the president for what happened and then i can have the federal governemnt take care of me since i am to dumb to make disaster preparations on my own. i want to stay on a boat on the mississippi river paid by taxpayers and have uncle same clothe, feed, and pamper me because i fell like i deserve it.

  4. Trevor Says:

    Joe…I enjoy your blog.

    You may already be aware of this, but if your TiVO is automatically recording “suggested” shows, there is an option on one of the menus to turn off the auto recording feature.

  5. Joe Larkins Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I did NOT know this as I never got that far in the instruction manual. I will search for that on the menu and perhaps will take a few more minutes to look through the instruction book.

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