Plastic surgery gone bad, Mike Wallace decides to slow down and "It Could Happen Tomorrow"

“Hello, I’m Mike Wallace.” At one time those were considered the most feared words in the U-S if Mr. Wallace happened to be knocking on your door at the time. And as he approaches his 88th birthday, he’s decided to slow down. SLOW DOWN! I just hope I live to be 88 years old, much less be able to say slow down. Wasn’t it just last year that Mike Wallace was put into cuffs by some Transit police in NYC for violating some parking laws? Anyway, a former videographer from down on the river, now shoots for 60-Minutes. My wife and I had breakfast with Dan Bussell and his wife last summer when they came to Memphis for a visit. He had some interesting stories to tell about 60 Minutes staff, the staff and how they do things. I wonder if Mike Wallace will be like legendary Alabama football coach Bear Bryant after he retired. Bryant didn’t last long. Perhaps it was just timing, but I think the job keeps certain people focused and keeps them going. I hope Mike Wallace gets to enjoy life a little.
I will admit, I seem to have more gray hair than Mike Wallace does but my wrinkle count while numerous, isn’t as high. No one wants to look old, but I found when I started in the news business 25 years ago, you CAN look too young. I had more than one news director tell me that. I even volunteered to put gray in my hair but the offer was declined. Little did I know that soon enough I would have plenty of gray. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times in the last five years while I was down on the river that I received emails and phone calls from people telling me to color my hair and not let it turn gray. I told them I’d rather it “turn gray than turn loose”. In the TV news business, men have been allowed to age gracefully but for some reason women have not and some fight it harder than others. But for those of you in or out of the news business who are considering plastic surgery, you need to check out a website that will flat out scare the bejeezus out of you. Go to You will see some examples of a lot of famous people who look pretty bad after trying to look good.
And speaking of looking good, the future of Memphis DOES NOT. I finally had a chance to view The Weather Channel’s special “It Could Happen Tomorrow” which focused on the New Madrid Fault and what it could mean to the city of Memphis and the surrounding area if the big earthquake hits. Folks, we DON’T want to be here when that happens. It will make what happened with Katrina on the coast look like a pleasant diversion. It is a rather sobering look at what will happen and experts say it’s not a matter of if but when. Check out the rerun if you can find it on TWC.
And a “shout-out” goes to a former co-worker down on the river in connection with the show ICHT. Some of the footage shown in the Memphis area came from Graceland and in the credits, the show thanked Kevin Kern who works in their PR department. Some of you may remember KK from the days when he reported on NC3 Daybreak and shot radar at those who would speed through school zones. Way to go Kevin.

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One Comment on “Plastic surgery gone bad, Mike Wallace decides to slow down and "It Could Happen Tomorrow"”

  1. Joan Carr Says:

    Speaking of former coworkers from down on the river, it’s great to hear that Dan Bussell is doing so well up in the Big Apple. There are many talented people who work DOTR who never got to realize their full potential. It’s kind of sad, but it seems universally true that talented people sometimes have to leave home to get the recognition they deserve. Regarding that other former coworker from DOTR, I saw KK around the end of November last year. He paid a visit to the station with an Elvis impersonator dressed up like Santa and handed out some Elvis-themed freebies. You should have been there. The Santa Elvis sang a duet of “Blue Christmas” with Rhonda Lamon and she sounded pretty good! Ah, the bad old days of TV news. I’m glad I have some good memories like that to color my reminiscences.

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