Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

First, there was The Weather Channel’s “It Could Happen Tomorrow”. Now I see that the Discovery Channel is following suit as is CNN. I haven’t seen the Discovery Channel’s version but I did see some of CNN’s. It was actually well done and laid out the scenario that Houston was hit by a powerful hurricane which disrupted the oil operations and very shortly thereafter Al Quaida attacked the Saudi oil operations causing massive shutdowns across the U-S. Hey, we’ve seen imitation in the TV business before. Locally, everybody jumped on the “Does it Work” bandwagon and then there was the “radar gun/chasing down speeding scofflaws” reporting. And you can’t forget the “dirty restaurant/clean it up” reports that several stations did. Hey, if it worked in one market, why won’t it play here. I swear, sometimes it seems consultants have about ten ideas and they keep five of those in circulation at any one time before kicking one out and recycling another one.
The University of Memphis State University (thanks Markie B) is hanging tough and making liars of all those naysayers who didn’t think they’d get this far in the NCAA tournament. It’s been the talk around town when I’ve run into folks. Now, instead of the weather to start off a conversation, it’s the Tiger basketball team. Go Tigers Go.
I managed to pry my lovely and talented bride away from college basketball Friday night long enough to go watch some pro basketball. Bethany and I along with Jamey and Cameron Tucker had been invited to attend the Memphis Grizzlies game against the Denver Nuggets. Jamey (now working in Nashville) and Cameron had never been to a Grizz game at the FedEx Forum and Bethany and I had only been there once before. Quite entertaining and we ran into a number of people we knew and met a number of other folks. I’ve also decided that the only way to watch a ballgame at the FedEx Forum is from a suite. Thanks very much to our hosts.

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One Comment on “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”

  1. bishop Says:

    I was there. It was a good game. That Carmelo Anthony is something else. I’m proud of the Grizzlies.

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