The news business ought to get a BIG boost from this.

Polls show that the news business ranks somewhere along the level of attorneys in terms of respect among Americans. Well, it’s getting a boost these days.
First the background.
In Florida, a 25 year old teacher from Tampa is accused of having sex with a 14-year old student in the back of a SUV driven by the boy’s cousin. Attorneys for Debra Lafave, a pretty blonde, successfully argued that if the case had gone to trial, it would have been detrimental to the health of the boy who was said to be suffering extreme anxiety because of the intense media coverage. So Lafave, said to be bipolar, is undergoing counseling and won’t be teaching, much to the disappointment of young teens throughout Florida and the rest of the country.
So, what does she plan to do now that she can’t teach.
During a news conference, she announced she’s been taking some journalism courses on-line and you know what that means. She’s cute, blonde, and learning to string some sentences together to make a cohesive thought.
Any bets on where she mind get her first job on television or when and where she will get the big break to anchor a newscast? Don’t scoff or laugh. I don’t think it’s a matter of “if” but “when”. The fact that this is what she’s decided to do next should make everyone in the business proud.

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6 Comments on “The news business ought to get a BIG boost from this.”

  1. Average Guy Says:

    Sounds to me like she’s a future education reporter.

    The GM

  2. Joan Carr Says:

    You are one very cynical former anchorman! Don’t you have any faith in the television news industry?

  3. windypoo Says:

    Now Joe … Could it be that if she were to come to Memphis for a newcasting gig, you’d reconsider your early retirement?

  4. Joe Larkins Says:

    Are you suggesting this is just what the viewers and coworkers need to get up early in the morning. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.
    I just want to know why none of the teachers I ever had looked like that or did what she did. Oh to be 14-years old and have her for a teacher.
    But seriously, this woman will be reporting and possibly anchoring a newscast within the next year or so.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I’d like to guess Fox News for her future destination (I really can’t stand them – they don’t even pretend to have any regard for reporting facts), but realistically, any of the major newsnets, or big 3 broadcast nets, would hire her.

    With her looks, she’ll probably do a year in a small-to-midsize market (just for a little practical experience, and to let her infamy die down a little) before moving on to a morning show in some major market.

  6. Doug Viar Says:

    Glad you explained the “Spending the Night Part”. Had me worried about my past. Thanks for the positive comments. DViar

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