Snakes on a Plane, No Big Surprise Down on the River and Katie’s Coming

What took them so long. I expected the announcement more than a month ago that Claudia Barr would be made permanent female anchor down on the river. She has history with the GM, (I’m told they went to high school together) she has name recognition and they had a great book in February. She’s three for three so to speak. Congratulations to Claudia.
I have to admit I was disappointed to hear that Katie is taking over the evening news. It’s not a sexist thing. I just don’t get it. I’ve watched the Today show and I can’t understand why everyone is so crazy about Katie. Yah, she does a good job, but I find it hard to see her in the evening anchor chair. My wife doesn’t get it either, but then my sister-in-law loves her. (That’s the extent of my research) Maybe KC will prove me wrong but I think CBS is making a big mistake. Of course, just about anyone will do better than Dan Rather. I think DR did a good job as a reporter but I always found him tough to watch too.
In the meantime, I will wait for Snakes on a Plane to occupy my time. I had never heard of this upcoming film until it was featured on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. I’m probably the last person to have heard of this film which has become a cult classic and it hasn’t even hit the big screen yet. For those not aware of it, it stars Samuel L. Jackson and involves a bunch of snales getting loose on a jetliner. With a plot like that, it has to be good. Jackson apparently signed on after not reading the script but just hearing the title. I know I can’t wait until August when it opens.

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5 Comments on “Snakes on a Plane, No Big Surprise Down on the River and Katie’s Coming”

  1. bishop Says:

    Congratulations to Claudia! When did they make the announcement? She looks great and is doing a good job. That was a smart move on Channel 3 part. I must agree with you about Katie. I am not crazy about her either. I think Matt is more deservant than Katie.

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    I don’t know when they made the official announcement about Claudia but it was in the Commercial Appeal over the weekend.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Claudia was a wise choice. Is it me or do both Claudia and Jim look more relaxed and happier at 3????

    Katie’s skill (at least on the today show) is perkiness and happy banter (particularly with Willard and Al).

    I think the tribulations with the illness and death of her husband may alos have pushed her devotional popularity higher.

    Some people see her as a female Walter Cronkite, the woman you can trust, but I hastily add that I think the trust is for different reasons from the reasons we trusted fatherly Walter.

    I never saw the Today as a hard news show. I saw it as light on news and more a mix with entertainement. With that notion of being lignt on news, I am surprised that CBS picked her for the evening news.

    I thought Bob Schieffer did a great job as the interim replacement for Dan Rather.

    Really, I was never a Dan Rather fan. I thought he used that Nixon contentious news conference banter and the presidential conventions to push himself higher than he really should’ve gone in news.

    I thought CBS would groom a younger Bob Schieffer like person with bob there as a senior anchor to transfer the rub over to the new anchor. BUT when you are # 3, it affects decision making.

    I thought Chris Wallace moving over to CBS would be a GREAT choice for an anchor.

    I can’t wait for the perky Katie to banter with Mike Wallace and Morley Safer.

    My personal favorite woman anchor ever was Nancy Dickerson. I thought se was great in her day.

  4. mike Says:

    Bob Schieffer has been quietly remaking their news show and no one is noticing. He’s been devolving things down to the reporters and away from the anchor. He’s forcing reporters to know their story and stay on their toes during a report.

    Couric will reverse all that. Plus, her “perky” side will have to go away during the newscasts, won’t it?

    Initially, she’ll draw in the viewers, but I’d wager long term she doesn’t actually help them much. And “Today” will finally drop below “GMA” and stay there.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Me too. I don’t think Katie will do well on the Evening News. I wanted John Roberts.

    We’ll have to sit back and see what happens!

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