I just can’t listen to the cockpit voice recordings from that hijacked plane on 9/11

The big news of the day has been the playing of the cockpit voice recording from that hijacked plane that crashed into a field before it could get to its apparent destination of Washington, DC. I just can’t listen to it. I have muted the TV whenever that segment of the news has come on. It’s not just the flights into the Pentagon or the WTC. I tried to watch the specials that immediately followed the terrorist attacks on 9/11 but I just couldn’t do it. I thought maybe at the time it was because the incident was so fresh in my mind, but even now, I can’t bear to listen to the recordings from the emergency crews inside the WTC or those communications from the doomed aircraft themselves. A feeling of helplessness just washes over me when I’ve heard the brief snippets of communications. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way and maybe one day I’ll get over it. That time is not right now.
Speaking of flying, I flew to Gallatin, TN earlier this week on business and had a chance to look over a small section of the tornado damage from last week. The folks in that area were really quite lucky, even though the death toll reached almost one dozen. The twister left a path of destruction just south of the runway. If the twister have traveled to the north of the runway, a distance of about one mile, the death toll could have been much higher as there are more homes on the northside. Witnesses say it was bearing down on the airport and then veered more to the east at the last minute. It’s all about timing.
One other thing. My postings these days are a little more sporadic than usual. Since April 1st, I’ve been attempting to rid certain areas of West Tennessee of marauding bands of wild turkeys which have been know to use “fowl” talk on a regular basis. We can’t have that. So far, I’ve been unsuccessful at “converting” any turkeys but it’s not for lack of trying. Also, next week, I’m supposed to be out of town for a few days on business, so my postings may be few and far between until I’m back in the saddle full time.

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5 Comments on “I just can’t listen to the cockpit voice recordings from that hijacked plane on 9/11”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I didn’t think the public could listen to the recordings. One news story I saw said it was only played for the jury and not released to the media. Which ones are you talking about?

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    They have blocked some of the CVR audio but I was watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann and he was replaying some of the audio. It’s apparently been all over the networks.

  3. Joan Carr Says:

    Joe, I’m so glad you’re going after those turkeys and the “fowl” talk!

  4. Kathy Says:

    They actually had the nerve to play the first part (the hijacker announcing that there was a bomb on board) on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT last night. Don’t know how much more they played, I had to change the channel before I started weeping. It was apparently a lead-in to a segment about about the ‘Flight 93’ movie, so that was the tie-in (excuse to use those recordings in the name of “Entertainment”). I still can’t dwell on the courage of those passengers, or the sight of the planes hitting the Twin Towers without tears. I wouldn’t even think about seeing a movie about it. I’m not ready, don’t know if I’ll ever be.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with you and Kathy too. I don’t think they should make a movie about ANY of the events of September 11th. It’s just not right. I think it’s disrespectful. How could you EVER portray what those poor souls went through? You can’t! And their families shouldn’t be made to relive it.

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