Watch out for people practicing Satanic rituals.

I read this morning that some folks are all upset that tomorrow will be a day to watch out for. On the calendar you could argue that tomorrow’s date, June 6, 2006 could be translated to be 6/6/6. I personally think that’s something of a stretch since the date is 06/06/06 but it WILL be turned into a story somehow, someway. Moviemakers are taking advantage of the date by releasing the remake of The Omen, which originally starred Gregory Peck. The metal band Slayer is using the date to release another album. Ann Coulter is releasing her book about liberals called “Godless“. It’s all smart marketing on their part. They know the media will pick up on this and run with it. The media frenzy will be spurred on by some religous leaders who will rail against this and urge caution to folks to reject anything that might be connected to something with the mark of the beast. There will be some hand-wringing by some and more than one parent will check their newborns tomorrow to make sure they do not carry any birthmarks that resemble 666. I predict that someone in some hospital nursery somewhere is going to freak-out some parents by using a Sharpie to mark 666 on some newborn. Not very tasteful but I do expect it. Then a lawsuit will have to be filed because someone will be scarred for life and that will be the in news as well.
With all that in mind, some scholars say the so-called Mark of the Beast is not 666 afterall. They claim a mistake was made in the original translation and that the number is actually 616. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. It’s Memphis, and June along with the rest of the summer, promises to be hot as hell anyway.

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5 Comments on “Watch out for people practicing Satanic rituals.”

  1. windypoo Says:

    Hi Joe,

    Yes, Tuesday night’s evening news will be full of “unexplainable” occurrences that dare us to think it’s anything other than Satan showing off.

    But may I ask your opinion on an entirely different subject? Do you think that anybody at the station on the river is concerned about Katie Couric’s debut in September? I only ask because in my household, we consider news a bit too serious for Ms. Couric to deliver with believability. Just the announcement of her impending arrival has caused us to dismiss CBS Evening News as having more concern for obtaining “Hollywood” status than for delivering reliable & fair news. As a result, we’ll likely stop watching Ch 3 evening news simply because we are – I’ll admit – too lazy to change the channel away from CBS at 5:00 and then back at 6:00. Have there been rumblings or concerns about this at Ch 3 or are they assuming the exact opposite: that they’ll gain new veiwers as a result? Just curious….

    I apologize for the change of subject but really am interested in your thoughts about it.

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    First, let me tell you that my opinion and 86-cents which YOU provide will buy a cup of coffee at McDonalds.
    But since you asked, I’ve never understood the attraction to Katie Couric. She’s nice looking and she’s perky but so are many other women on TV. I never understood why she was such a big draw on the Today show. She’s not drop-dead gorgeous and neither my wife nor I could watch her on the Today show. I have relatives though who can’t start their day without her.
    I guess we (my wife and I) just don’t get it. I think Bob Schieffer has done so much to repair CBS’ credibility and I think the gains CBS made will eventually fall off, but not immediately.
    Here’s why.
    A former ND down on the river used to say he didn’t care what was written about him as long as they got the name and the call letters of the station right. Basically, he was saying that there was no such thing as bad publicity. I think CBS is enjoying this whole Katie debate. It will translate into people tuning in to see what the brouhaha is all about. They figure that they might get some loyal Katie watchers to tune in on a regular basis, switching over from NBC. They figure there will be some people sampling the CBS evening news and perhaps they will stay because it’s not some guy giving the news. CBS has to be smiling that Elizabeth Vargas is not on ABC since that makes CBS the only network newscast with a female anchor.
    It’s been said that the mark of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. Up until now, the networks have pretty much gone with men as the “voice of God” when it comes to delivering news. Yah, there was the Barbara Walters thing and the Connie Chung gig and most recently the Vargas thing on ABC.
    I may be way off base on this move by CBS but I don’t think Katie will play well. Katie may be pleasant and perky to wake up to but who you want to wake up with, greeting you in the morning and who you want delivering bad news to you aren’t always the same thing.
    I think there will be a lot of viewers initially but I think CBS will long for the days of Bob Schieffer. I think he should have replaced Rather years ago. Personally I couldn’t watch Dan Rather anchor although I thought he was a great reporter. CBS may try to continue with the changes that Schieffer implemented where you had more reporter involvement and less talking head from the anchor.
    Win or lose ratings-wise, Katie (I expect her to become Katherine when she goes on the air at CBS)will still win. She’s getting a boat-load of money and if they move her off the nightly news, she’ll report on 60-minutes until she gets bored with the lack of attention. Eventually they’ll give her some newsmagazine of her own like NBC did for Jane Pauley and then she’ll kind of fade away.
    I may be completely wrong on this but I don’t think so.
    That’s my opinion.

  3. Joan Carr Says:

    IMHO, the CBS Evening News has never been better since Bob Schieffer has been filling in. He’s a smart, seasoned anchor and completely unflappable. And it turns out, he’s very, very funny. He was on the Daily Show a couple of months ago and was one of the funniest guests Jon Stewart has ever had. I think you’re right, Joe: CBS should have replaced Rather with Schieffer years ago. Now I’m afraid it’s too late. The sad trend in news seems to be toward younger and younger anchors. The truth the news industry may never learn is that youth doesn’t automatically equate with ability or hipness.

    And on that other subject you addressed in the original post, why did any movie studio feel the need to remake “The Omen?” Can’t they come up with some new scripts for a change? I’m starting to sound like an old grump, but this trend toward remaking movies is really grating on me. Doesn’t it matter that everyone over 30 has already seen “The Omen?” And they’ll have a hard time finding a better actor than Gregory Peck… Oh, wait, I’m starting to sound like my parents again…

  4. windypoo Says:

    Amen, Brotha Joe, regarding your sentiments on “Katherine’s” ability to be taken seriously when delivering news and especially on her being enough to keep viewers tuned to CBS.

    But my primary interest was in respect to the local CBS station: my household may be unique but we pretty much watch the local news show that preceeds the national news show of our choice. So, as a result, Ch 3’s Evening News show will be losing my family’s viewership simply because we have no interest in sitting thru Ms. Couric’s attempts to put a perky twist on such things as the war in Iraq. Do you think anybody at Ch 3 has thought about this? Not that they could change anything at CBS, but if I were down there I’d be concerned that there are more households like my own out there.

  5. Joe Larkins Says:

    I’m sure they are watching and wondering, but you’re right in that there is nothing they can do about the national news.
    I know some of the folks higher up the food chain down on the river were grinding their teeth about Dan Rather and were not sorry to see him go. Apparently they expressed their concern about what he was doing or rather not doing for the local affiliates because he was NOT helping in the ratings. I think they realize they will lose some viewers but they may pick up some viewers as well from “Katherine’s loyal following” and those who’ve seen the inside of her colon and now feel like they are part of her “posse”. The affiliates will give Couric some time for sure. If Katie augers in, they’ll be screaming but if she does well, they’ll be smiling big time. I’m waiting to see how this pans out but I won’t be watching.

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