Reporters from around the World are converging on Graceland and it’s not even August.

Seasoned news people and Evis fans know there are two times during the year that the home of the King will be in the news. His birthday in January and the day of his death in August. The rest of the time the crowds are pretty steady and the horde of national media generally stays away. Friday will be the exception to the rule as the POTUS and the PMOJ converge on Graceland for a tour before heading off to eat barbecue at the Rendezvous downtown. I personally think if they really wanted some great barbecue that they should swing by Interstate BBQ on Third. It’s closer, the food is better and parking is never a problem (although parking is never a problem for the First Limo.) I know the folks at Graceland love the attention that facility will be getting but I know the logisitics of having two of the most powerful men in the world swinging by for a visit has to have more than a few folks practically eating aspirin hand over fist.
When I was down on the river, it was usually the new kid on the block who had to go cover DEW (Dead Elvis Week), but this time around those still wet behind the ears probably won’t be able to get near Graceland. That assignment will be given to the seasoned reporters. Still everyone will manage to get a piece of the reporting pie as there will be “themed-Team” coverage with folks falling all over themselves trying to get that different angle. The only people probably not able to do their regular jobs will be the chopper pilots from Union and down on the river since they’ll be grounded during the visit. At some point someone will have to ask the question if the POTUS and PMOJ prefer ribs wet or dry. I guarantee someone, somewhere locally will ask the question.
Shifting gears, Friday will be the last day of reporting for one of the folks down on the river. Christine Connolly decided to pull the plug on herself and is moving out west to spend some time with her family. CC was always quiet but fun to be around and I thought she did a great job reporting. She will be missed in the newsroom and around Memphis.
And congrats to Amy Spears/Speropoulos. She and her hubby Scott are the proud parents of a baby girl, now about two weeks old. I would bet that she’s already discovered that whoever coined the phrase “Sleeps like a baby”, never had one.

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3 Comments on “Reporters from around the World are converging on Graceland and it’s not even August.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I firmly believe Graceland is the nexus of the world!!!!

  2. Doug Johnson Says:

    Interesting coverage of the world leaders on EP Blvd by the nets today. Kinda interesting (to me) that Lisa Marie is actually bigger than Priscilla now. Don’t know that it means anything — but that’s just me.

  3. newsboyarizona Says:

    These are the kind of stories that may me miss Memphis. That and barbeque. These kind of things don’t happen in your average American city. Of course there are lots of other less-positive things that happen in Memphis too, but I guess you take the good with the bad.

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