Odds and Ends

Thanks to everyone who took time to share birthday greetings. I guess I never really thought about it before but I have something in common with the station down on the river. It got its start in January 1956. I got my start in July 1956. It’s owned by the NYT. I used to be owned by the NYT. The number 3 is important to the station. The number 3 is a big deal to me since I was born on that day. Wow, kind of spooky isn’t it.
Shifting gears, Image and Branding is soooooo important for any just about any business. You’ve got your EyeWitness News, your NewsChannel station, your Action News, and so on and so forth. Occasionally, a station like the one on Union has that steamboat that rolls across the screen. It’s been around since I first started watching back in 1981. Occasionally when the PR and HR departments get together (WHICH IS ALWAYS DANGEROUS) someone decides to come up with a mascot for the station. Now other stations may have done something like this but the one I remember was Reggie, the dinosaur type creature who represented WREG at kids events. Its name cleverly was taken from the station call letters. I don’t how many years it was actually around or who got stuck having to wear the costume but it was different. It disappeared about the time they pulled the plug on the company picnic.
Why am I sharing this. Because I found a picture of someone who could serve as the “mascot” for the station down on the river and would probably work for a case of beer for every appearance. Talk about branding. No one would forget which station this guy is associated with.

I know they’d love this guy for the Huntin’ and Killin’ Show on the weekends down on the river. I know this photo has been around for a few years and I really hope he or perhaps she is not related to anyone who reads this blog.
One final note: my lovely and talented bride and I stopped by the Going Away/Birthday party for Christine Connolly Saturday night at the home of former NC3er Kevin Kern. Saw a number of folks there from the old work place and enjoyed chatting with everyone. Good luck to CC as she departs Memphis for the Golden State. She will do well.

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5 Comments on “Odds and Ends”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    LOL!! I hope that Channel 3 doesn’t go that route. The station is fine as Newschannel with a mascot. As for TV 5, good tradition (please hurry up with the new graphics though!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. Random Loyal Reader Says:

    “More Odds and Ends”

    What are your views and opionions on the “Statue of Liberation”?

    The statue is in my neighborhood, what would you say if it were in your Midtown Mansion? http://www.senacle.blogspot.com

  3. Joe Larkins Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that this statue is in your neighborhood. I’d be even more sorry if it were in mine.
    As much attention as this thing is getting, I’d be curious as to how long it will be before someone puts graffiti on it or worse.
    I remember at my alma mater of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, at the entrance to the old part of the campus was a statue of the founder of the school. He stood there with his hands out in front of him as if he was welcoming you to the campus. Each year around Halloween in the dead of the night, some of the local frat boys would put a bra in one hand of the statue and a pair of panties or a bottle of booze in the other. The local police could never catch the culprits. It was just some of that timeless Hilltopper humor.
    I think it’s a matter of time before something like that happens to the statue in southeast Memphis.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe some wise guy will put a bra in one hand and panties in the other of the statue of liberation with cases of booze in the base of the statue.

    Sounds like a project for Hutch or Dan or Bubba or the Watchdog or . . . .

  5. Andy Wise Says:

    The man in the Reggie suit was the illustrious Trey Murphree if I’m not mistaken. He’ll probably kill me for posting this!

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