Boy, Am I Glad That is Over!

It is so quiet around stately LarkSmith Manor today. The phone has been ringing off the wall during the past week as I have heard from folks just needing a moment of my time. I’m talking about my good friends Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Lamar Alexander, Ed Bryant, Bob Corker and a host of others wanting to encourage me to vote. You could just feel the love oozing through the phone lines.
The problem is my lovely and talented bride and I had already voted early and I really wanted to tell these callers to stop wasting their time and mine. It went beyond annoying. I did feel some sense of revenge as I took Newby the Weather forecasting dog on his morning drag. Our walk takes us by one of the polling places here in the neighborhood. Newby, being the boy dog that he is, took time to heist his leg on a couple of the political signs that had been posted around the polling area. Some of the campaign workers were mortified to see this. I told them since Newby couldn’t vote, he was merely exercising his opinion and that it did not necessarily reflect my opinion.
My wife and I tuned in late in the evening to see how the numbers were coming in and we started out with Fox 13 news. Now I know that they have a 9pm news but with the returns still coming in and no clear winners announced, they shut down their coverage at 10:15. What was up with that. Yah, they kept numbers on the screen but you could almost hear the TV sets changing across the city. We switched over to 24 and Cameron was talking about some crime story and a full screen with election results for Kathryn Bowers in the state Senate popped up. It’s all about timing.
From there we switched back and forth from 3 and 5 and finally pulled the plug around 10:30 or so.
I now expect the phone to stay quiet for about 60 more days. Then I guess some of my good friends will be calling again. Thank goodness for an answering machine.

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6 Comments on “Boy, Am I Glad That is Over!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    May I say the area election reports were the most unorganized I have ever seen. If a station did a credible job, I would tout them as ‘THE STATION’, but not one of the 4 gave any sort of quality election coverage.

    I guess I could rationalize it as “well they have to cover 3 states”, but even in the city’s election, the coverage was terrible.

  2. Wendy N. Says:

    Or…Newby could have just been checking the saturated adiabatic lapse rate near the site!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I thought that WREG’s effort was lame, sporadic numbers throughout the prime time hours and strange cut-ins without real analysis.

    Given their aggressive stance with debates (admirable) I expected more.

    The 10pm news was especially disappointing.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well, another one bites the dust at WREG. Annie Kim has put in her resignation and will head to California. I don’t think she has a job lined up either. Her last day on the river is the first part of September. Why is everyone leaving without jobs secured? Is it the way management is teating them? Is it the contracts they offer?

    Who’s next?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Joe,
    so what is your take on the Lieberman defeat? Is this a crystal ball for the mid-terms, or a local election in a small state that most people can’t spell?

  6. bishop Says:

    What is going on at WREG? Annie Kim is now leaving too!

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