The Spaghetti Effort to Find an Excuse

Normally I stay away from most politics on this blog as I found it’s a surefire way to honk off about half the folks who might read this and quite frankly I don’t need the grief. However, after checking in to an alchohol rehab joint, Former Representative Mark Foley of Florida caught so to speak with his hand in the cookie jar now claims HE was abused by a priest when he was in his early teens. He may have been. But IMHO he is now using what I call the “spaghetti effort” to justify or excuse his behavior toward Congressional pages. I’ll explain the spaghetti reference. Back when I was in college, we made spaghetti about twice a week. My room mate showed me how to check to see if the noodles were ready. He used a fork to sling a noodle against the wall. If it stuck, it was good to go. If it bounced off the wall, you waited a few more minutes and tried it again.
Now I don’t know anything about this guy with the odd sense of values down in the Sunshine State other than the fact that he sent some pretty salacious emails to some kids as reported in the news. Yah people in public office are supposed to set a higher standard but they prove over and over that it’s all about themselves and way too many are just slimeballs. And it happens on both sides of the aisle. But what gets me about this guy is he just seems to be throwing things out and hopes at least one of his excuses will stick with somebody.
I’m reminded of one of my favorite uncles who was always a practical joker and still is at the age of 80. He told me once about coming in late and his wife wanted to know where he had been. He said he told her his truck had broken down and he had to fix it before he could get home. She didn’t buy it. He then said he stopped to help someone who needed to get back to town and that’s why he was delayed. She didn’t buy that either. So he said he stopped by to visit his mother and father who lived down the road. When she said she didn’t believe that either, he said he pulled a small book titled “101 Excuses” out of his back pocket and handed it to her and said pick an excuse you like and that’s what I will go with. That sounds what this Foley character is doing down in Florida.

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2 Comments on “The Spaghetti Effort to Find an Excuse”

  1. autoegocrat Says:

    That’s a cute story.

    One point of clarification that I don’t see anyone making in the media: the emails were not salacious, the instant messages were. Everyone I’ve heard in the media, from TV anchors to talk radio pundits are using the terms interchangably and they are not the same. In this particular case, the distinction is important.

  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    Good point and thank you for the clarification. I guess I’m more of an old fart than I thought when it comes to the new technology.

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