And Now For Something Completely Different.

My wife and I like to tune into MSNBC for our news during the Noon when we’re making lunch. That’s what I had on in the background as I worked around the kitchen. They had a follow-up story about school security in the aftermath of that Amish school tragedy. I actually stopped what I was doing because they had a live shot from a high school in Philidelphia I think to show the security measures there. There was a security checkpoint where police officers checked out the students. They commented about how they did not use metal detectors but still managed to keep things secure. They also showed how anyone from outside the school had to have a photo idea and a hall pass that they made up on the spot with a picture ID. It was a very good live shot, informative and well done. Then the live shot (which I admit I was getting into) was interrupted by breaking news. My first thought was that something really bad just happened. The anchor of the show issued an apology and said something about Anna Nicole Smith and all of a sudden we’re at a live shot after some court hearing involving ANS and the people who claim they are her new baby’s daddy. The lawyer for one of the alledged fathers stepped up to the microphone and spoke for about a minute and a half into an array of microphones about how they were NOT going to talk to the media AND would ANS please do the right thing. The attorney and her client then walked off camera and the shot cut back to the anchor who mumbled something and then threw it back to the scene where another lawyer, this one for ANS announced to the array of microphones that they would not talk to the media nor try this case in the press and he couldn’t believe the other lawyer would speak to the media about this case. This went on for about another couple of minutes. This lawyer, who said he was not going to talk to the media, spent that time telling the media how he was not going to talk to them about any aspect of the case. Why didn’t he just walk away after the first time he said it? As for the live shot that actually had me listening and watching, I guess they never went back to it as the folks back in the newsroom turned all of their attention to the fact that we will now have to wait until later this month to find out who fathered the child of ANS. I shouldn’t be disappointed but I am. This is what passes for news and breaking news on a national level? I almost expect to see the folks from Monty Python jump out from the screen and shout “Now it’s time for something completely different.” This incident will teach me to bother watching breaking news.

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4 Comments on “And Now For Something Completely Different.”

  1. autoegocrat Says:

    These kinds of newsroom priorites (in print and in TV) are why so many people either read blogs or start their own. Personally, I don’t think the story about the school shooting deserves all the attention it’s getting.

    How does that shooting, tragic as it is, affect my life? It doesn’t affect my life at all. So why do I need to know about every detail of it? If the media would make a minimum effort to prioritize the news accoriding to its relevance to their viewers or readers, our electorate might not be so ill-informed.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Joe, I hate to admit this but I am for one, tired of hearing about Anna Nicole Smith! I mean PLEASE! What is the draw for news people on this one?

    On 3, they have Entertainment Tonight that for the past 2 weeks has been nothing but this woman and her child, and her dead older child. Anna Nicole had a baby, Anna Nicole got married, Anna Nicole pinched a dump this morning, Cojo the Cornholer describing the toilet ornaments…..I just don’t get it. I called myself informed but am I missing something here?

    I’m going back to cable and the cartoon network.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i couldn’t agree more. the shooting was news worthy but not for all the attention it’s getting. especially since security at a one room Amish school house is very different from a public school. also, i can’t stand it when they interrupt a report for breaking news that can wait. g

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hate to post again Joe but….BREAKING NEWS!
    Anna Nicole now has lawyers on the way to determine who the father of her baby is…..Wanna guess who it isn’t beyond a doubt and to a moral certainty?

    16 days straight…..cable can’t get here quick enough!


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