I Forgot It Was Illegal to Rob a Bank!

I think it was Steve Martin who, during a comedy routine, uttered the phrase or something to the effect “But I forgot it was illegal to rob a bank!”
I was reminded of this after reading about the 20-year old grocery store clerk who, according to investigators, amused himself by posting prank Internet warnings of terrorist attacks against NFL stadiums. You know the warnings: they made national news. And this wasn’t just to some kids website. This Einstein made the post around 40 times to various webistes. Then the attorney for this nimrod said after a court hearing that his client was shocked by the way the threats were received. Wow. I guess he’d probably get a chuckle too if this guy yelled “fire” in a crowded theater. Maybe it’s just me who is out of touch with reality but at what point in time do these wacky youngsters start grasping the concept that the defense “I really didn’t mean any harm” ain’t going to cut it in the wake of 9-11 and Columbine. It amazes me that kids still take handguns or other weapons to school and seem to be shocked when they’re caught and summarily booted from school. When I traveled by commercial airliner in September I saw the notice that reminded people that joking about a bomb or terrorist actions can lead to arrest. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when people have to be reminded NOT to do something really dumb.
As for the 20-year old, I’m reminded of the old Warren Zevon song “Excitable Boy”.
Here are a couple of lines:
He took little Suzie to the Junior Prom
Excitable boy, they all said
And he raped her and killed her, then he took her home
Excitable boy, they all said
Well, he’s just an excitable boy .

Maybe the lawyers for this 20-year old will use the “excitable boy” defense. I wouldn’t be suprised.

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