Does Size Really Matter?

Apparently size does matter as opposed to what you do with what you’ve got. I’m talking radar here folks. I see where WMC has broken ground on a site in West Memphis for a one million watt weather radar set-up. For those of you who missed it, there was tease after tease during the Noon show on Monday before the big announcement. From a promotional point this a big deal. For several years now WREG has been able to brag that theirs was bigger than anybody elses and they never missed an opportunity to tell you about it. During weathergasms the weather folks would punch the “one million watt super-duper gonad weather radar”. Hey, it’s not bragging if it’s so. It’s kind of like when WMC had the only dedicated news chopper. They had it and nobody else did. When the station DOTR got their chopper, the made sure theirs was bigger and better and bright red.
That’s what the station on Union is doing with this new radar. They’ve already emphasized that their radar site is located in West Memphis, Arkansas and that bad weather headed for Memphis usually comes in from the West. Now you can see what’s coming a little sooner than those other guys who have radar sites in the eastern part of Shelby County.
I’m not sure how long it will take WMC’s new super duper super radar to be up and running but theirs is now as big as any in the market and “state of the art” as they will tell you.
So, the reality is that size does matter. But then you can’t just brag about that. You have to be able to show what you can do with it too. Let the games begin.

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4 Comments on “Does Size Really Matter?”

  1. Doug Johnson Says:

    Two posts with NO comments. C’mon people, you can do better!

    Does size matter? Well Joe, I’m sure you remember when they first ordered the baby-blue big 3 mic flags…

    Someone made a mistake and we got mic flags that were at least twice as large as they should have been. I always thought it was because the news director at the time was a little guy.

    I still have one, I use it as a TV stand… (okay, it’s not THAT big).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wow!!! always a Tug o War with 3 and 5… I wonder will 3 have something new up their sleeves before long? Everytime either station breaks ground on something new the ground gets a little warmer a little hotter- but one might watch out, one or the other could be digging a whole to deep to climb out of.

  3. newsboyarizona Says:

    Har! I see that all the time you spent watching Jack Benny has finally paid off! Actually I think I’m coming around on Jack. The other night, TCM was showing “The Horn Blows at Midnight.” I was going to TiVo it but I don’t think I have it hooked up right, because all I could record was Dick Williams’ Magicland.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been confused for years and still am over who has the “best” radar and exactly what constitutes the “best” radar. Is it wattage? Is it “street level” capabilities? Is it “3D”? Is it the ability to show lightning strikes? Personally I like to see street level markings but it’s usually up to the anchor on duty to decide to offer it to us to watch. I’m not impressed by a staff of three to show me what one or two people can do. Just show me where the rain and winds are. By the way, a backed up sewer drain, in my opinion, is not a “flood”. The Southern & Josephine tunnel, I-55 and Norris Road, and others always “flood” during heavy rains so if the stations need “flood” video, look harder.

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