YouTube, We Hardly Knew U

Say goodbye to YouTube, at least the YouTube U knew. That’s because its new owner Google has started cleaning up the content, specifically the copyrighted stuff from places such as the Comedy Channel. You can’t blame Google. They’ve got deep pockets containing a lot of money and that has those wanting to file lawsuits for copyright infringment practically salivating at the thought of how much they could get. So, while we will still be able to see all of the home made stuff on the Tube, we’ll see less of the TV shows we’ve come to expect. I know some networks have an agreement with YouTube to show their stuff but not all.
I think clips appearing on YouTube may have helped encourage people to check out some cable and network shows featured there. But a copyright is a copyright and the law is the law and when big corporations are involved they have to play fair or find themselves facing an army of Perry Masons.

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3 Comments on “YouTube, We Hardly Knew U”

  1. autoegocrat Says:

    Aren’t news segments covered under the fair use clause? If so, it’s won’t be much different for junkies like me.

  2. billy Says:

    It’s “YouTube” FYI.

  3. Joe Larkins Says:

    My bad. I will correct it now.

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