Google Starts Removing Videos From YouTube and I Show Up!

As you may know, Google, the new owner of YouTube started clearing some of the videos posted from the Comedy Channel.
This week I got an email from a former co-worker who now works in Arizona alerting me to the fact that a video featuring me doing a weekend news brief on WREG in 1990 is posted on YouTube. Yah, I know I’ve mentioned this in some previous post.
He says he finds it hard to believe that it’s been 16 years since that segment was taped. I’m still wondering WHY it was saved in the first place. The clip also features the close of the newscast.
By the way this person who alerted me to the clip may also be the only news producer from DOTR who, while boothing our morning show, won 50-bucks from WMC-TV’s morning show by answering some trivia. He apparently was monitoring their broadcast from the booth and when he heard their trivia question, he called in and WON. He mentioned it to the anchors by way of our IFBs during out broadcast. JG, you rock and you rule.

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4 Comments on “Google Starts Removing Videos From YouTube and I Show Up!”

  1. John Says:

    Joe, I noticed that video the other day. In fact, this user must like you! Here is another of you from 2000 that has just been added, from the good ol’ days that I remember.

    Actually this person has added several news clips from past years in Memphis and other nearby markets. Kinda neat to see and relive the memories.

    Now one must wonder when the YouTube/Google police will step in and remove it due to copyright violation (though this user does make mention of the copyrights). Enjoy while they’re still online! 😉

  2. AMNewsBoy Says:

    Ah, yes, the clip from ’90… it had resided on the “Mid-South TV News” site waaaaaaaaaaay back when; funny how these things turn back up again. (I think I saved a copy of it back then.)

    That user (who I think works in JaxTN, but I’m not sure) has also uploaded tons of clips from the region (including Nashville, LR, and Mem). I’m wondering when Jonesboro clips will end up there…

  3. newsboyarizona Says:

    Ah, I remember that site. Didn’t “Mid-South TV News” morph into

    I miss that old WREG set. Anybody who was there at the time should remember what a BIG deal that set was, and all the disappointment in the monitor walls. The monitors were too small and close to the anchors, creating a lack of depth and a lot of distraction for any anchor who happened to be in the shot.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Those monitor enclosures were built by a local company that also built the set for “Pharaoball Tonight,” the coach’s call-in show for the old Arena Football team. Perhaps they should have gone to a profession news-set-building company.

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