The MidSouth Emmy Nominations are IN

Congratualtions to the folks here in the Memphis area who are up for Regional Emmy awards. WHBQ’s Fox 13 News is up for eleven awards including News Excellence, and Newscast/Daytime category. Fox 13 also has nominations in the General Assignment Reporting category, Promo/Spot News, Promo Campaign/News, Promo Campaign Program, Audio, Director/Short Form, Editor Short form, Writer/Short Form , Graphic Arts and Photography/Short Form.
WPTY is up for four: Weekend Newscast, Human Interest, Investigative Reporting and Community Service.
WREG has nominations in the Specialty Assignment and Community Service. Running Pony, made up of a number of former WMC news folks is up for four Emmys: Sports Programming/Series, Public Affairs, Special Event/Edited, and Commercial Spot. Congratulations to those up for an award.

Some will tell you that Regional Emmys are a lot like the way the Office of the Vice President of the United States was once described: Not worth a bucket of warm spit. I’m not sure that I would agree with that. First, I never won an Emmy and I wanted to. I thought the Outdoor Show I worked on at the Station DOTR had a good shot on three different occasions. We didn’t win. I was later told by a former news director DOTR who had won several awards in Nashville and in Tampa that the key to winning an Emmy had a lot to do with how you set up your presentation to the nomination committee. Also, having sat in on judging these awards I discovered that the luck of the draw was important and if a nomination was viewed early or late by judges. My judging expereince worked like this: The ND asked for volunteers to look over the nominees and help judge them. The ND promised to provide pizza and this would take place after the six o’clock news. Understand the first entries were being viewed by people who had already worked a full day and now were gorged on pizza. The first entries got more viewing time and by the time the last entries were viewed, we were all tired and ready to go home so we just started rushing through the entries. It may not sound fair, but that’s the way it happened. Don’t know if that kind of thing happens everytwhere but it did DOTR.
The other thing about winning Emmys is the promotional aspect, especially in the “News Excellence” category. We won that honor one year DOTR and I swear the promo ran in every other commercial break. Even viewers began to complain about it.
So yes, winning an Emmy is a big deal unless you didn’t. Then it’s not that big of a deal. But who hasn’t seen that nice little award sitting on somebody’s desk and not thought “Man, wouldn’t that be nice sitting on MY desk”. Good luck to everyone in the running.

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9 Comments on “The MidSouth Emmy Nominations are IN”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Joe, I thought Mid-South Outdoors did win one some time back, because of the “flying fish” story.

    Everybody, and I mean everybody, had that story and film everywhere one looked.

    If it didn’t… should have!


  2. Joe Larkins Says:

    While the Flying Fish story was seen just about everyone and put my dad on the national news, the show and/or story never won an Emmy.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Something fishy about that!

  4. Joan Carr Says:

    I saw the flying fish video just a few months ago on a documentary. Those fish really get around! That’s your lasting contribution to television journalism, Joe!

  5. Doug Johnson Says:

    You misspelled excellence. You know the judges always look at spelling. And you didn’t mention the single nomination for Mike & Alex at the station DOTR. Or the pair of nods former DOTR photo Bud picked up in Nashville. I look to you for quality, you know.

  6. Joe Larkins Says:

    Spoken like a true producer. See what happens when I get in a hurry.

  7. Andy Wise Says:

    I used to covet the holy Emmy, both the nomination and the win…until ABC 24’s Jenni Diprizio won for her ‘Road Rebels’ segment. No journalism, no photojournalism, no community benefit…just ambushing traffic offenders and screaming at them. But some pizza-gourged rookie in Flagstaff thought it was something…thanks to that Emmy-winner, I no longer submit entries and instead stay focused on trying to make a difference.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Andy Wise,

    Maybe you should get busy making a difference with an investigative report on whether the Clapper really works when you clap your hands for Does it Work Thursday.

    Now that’s journalism, and far superior than any Emmy award winning submission.

    Do they give an Emmy for most narcissistic out-cue? To qualify, it must be at least as long as the package? I’d vote for you! Go Andy! My hero!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    you may not like Andy but that outcue is promotional GOLD

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