How About Those Florida State Gators!

Hey, I admit it. When it comes to college football, I know enough to be dangerous. I had never even heard of Boise State until they played Oklahoma and beat them. I actually watched part of that game. On the other hand, I do have some idea who the big boys are when it comes to college football, especially since my lovely and talented bride is such a football fanatic. So I’m sitting at my computer with National Public Radio playing in the background when I hear not once but twice from the NPR commentator about the big game featuring Ohio State and the Florida State Gators. Florida State GATORS ? In some parts of the country such a gaff would get you tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail. And this on a national news program. The mistake was not corrected during the time I listened. Granted, NPR is not Sports Talk or even close to it but come on.
Anyway, the game last night I think pretty well wrapped up the college bowl games and quite frankly I’m glad. Yah, we’ll have some non-sensical bowl game or two for seniors or the north and south or east and west or athletes who play left-handed but it’s all over now on the college level.
I’m not sure just how they did it but colleges have managed to do to the bowl season what retailers have done to Christmas. They’re moving it to a year-round activity. The fact that 150 million dollars is involved in bowl games (something I heard on the radio and not confirmed) may have something to do with it and I know it’s all about the money. But they’ve managed to drag out the bowl season to such an extent that the games are getting lost in the shuffle. Heck, even my wife missed the first part of the Florida/Ohio State game because she forgot about it. She still laments the fact that the time during the Christmas holidays used to be Bowl Game Time and now the games stretch from Thanksgiving to the first full week of January.
Still, there is an upside to this. With college football season over, I’ve finally gotten my wife back. Whether she thinks that’s such a good thing, she hasn’t said.

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3 Comments on “How About Those Florida State Gators!”

  1. Average Guy Says:

    The Florida State Gators — I heard it too. Imagine my shock realizing it was NPR. It couldn’t have been scripted any better by Saturday Night Live. Typical of the I’m smarter than you attitude of the public broadcast community. Now, I must get back to the replay of the Outback Bowl featuring Penn State taking on the Tennessee Pioneers.

    The GM

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The Gators deserved to win the national title last night and I’m real proud of them!!! As far as Boise State is concerned, they came to the Liberty Bowl two years ago and gave Louisville a run for their money only to lose at the end. The Liberty Bowl has become one of the most exciting non-BCS bowl games to watch in recent years and I’m thankful that the Liberty Bowl is in Memphis!!! GO GATORS!!!

  3. Andy Wise Says:

    As much as this hurt me to say this since I am an Auburn man, we certainly know for sure who the best college football team is…and the title game was proof of why we desperately need a playoff system in college football. I don’t think Ohio State may even deserve to be number 2 now. Let’s go to, say, an ‘Elite 8′ — the top 8 teams — then bracket ’em.

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