Nothing Like Hummer and a Bottle of Wine to Get My Attention!

These days, it takes some special doing to set yourself apart in the local news business. It’s all about getting your name out there where ever and however you can do it. Fox 13 in Memphis has managed to get my attention and they did it twice within the span of 10 minutes and in what I consider an unusual way.
I had stopped by the very popular adult beverage store located near the corner of Highland and Poplar. I was searching for a particular item in the wine section when lo and behold I saw a Fox 13 sign behind a bottle of wine. It wasn’t a big sign mind you. Just a little one that hovered behind one particular case of wine and I think it either said it was recommended or was the Fox 13 Pick of the Week. Other than the fact it was a bottle of red ( I didn’t buy it) I don’t remember much about the wine, but I do remember seeing the Fox 13 logo. I was not able to find infomration about the wine when I went to the Fox 13 website so I’m hoping somebody will fill in the blanks here for me.)
I was still thinking about it as I made my purchase and walked out to my vehicle and there traveling north on Highland was something that caught my eye. I actually did a double take because of the bright colors. It was a Hummer vehicle, covered with logos and adorned with a live truck mast. It definitely stood out from the rest of the traffic. I’m not sure how much room there was inside for the live truck operator to take care of his or her business but “Hey”. These folks are selling both the steak and the sizzle. It stands out the way that red helicopter does from the station DOTR. I don’t know if all the live trucks from the station on Highland are being converted but it’s a good look for sure. I guess it’s just another toe hold in the climb up the ratings ladder.

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4 Comments on “Nothing Like Hummer and a Bottle of Wine to Get My Attention!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The Hummer is definately excellent! I’ve noticed some differences with the trucks on Union too. It seems like I’ve seen one for their new Doppler logo on it and a blue one that looks pretty sharp.

  2. Valerie Calhoun Says:

    Hi Joe! Glad to hear the adult beverage store is still pumping FOX 13! I did a “Bargain Thursday” segment there before Christmas. They recommended six good wines for holiday gatherings or gifts that were real deals (under $10).
    Here is how to find the list: go to, click on the “Good Morning Memphis” tab, the Bargain Thursday link should be the second item on the list. Click on it and you will be able to peruse the wine list.
    As for the Hummer…it is really cool and I am still hoping to cruise the streets of Memphis in it very soon.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Holey Moley Joe!
    You mean to tell me down home, wholesome image, girl next door, voted most likely to succeed in Grade/High school, class president, youth group leader Valerie Calhoun would set foot in a liquor store!!!!

    I’m shocked, dumbfounded, put out the cat, turn off the porchlight, flabbergasted and discombobulated!

    My goodness what will those nasty assignment managers make that poor girl do next?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Joe!
    Glad to see the adult beverage store in question is still selling FOX13!
    I did a Bargain Thursday segment there in December. We asked them to pick out six great wines that cost $10 or less for people who need bottles for gifts or holiday celebrations.
    I have tried two of the wines they recommend and they were really good.
    For more information on these wines (and other Bargains!) go to our website:, click on the “Good MOrning” page and follow the link to Bargain Thursday.
    Thanks for sharing your comments about FOX and our cool new ride. I am still hoping to take a cruise in the Hummer. Tom Dees and Derric Curran use it every morning in their “Road Patrol” traffic hits and they love it!
    Happy New Year Joe!

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