We Now Know Who Will Head the Soon to Be Former NYTimes Broadcast Group

The folks within the NYTimes Broadcast Group now know who will be handling the reins when the new owners take over. Here’s a hint: They have a Clear Channel background.
In a press release from Oak Hill Capital Partners which is buying the group, it was announced that Randy Michaels will be CEO and Bobby Lawrence will be President and COO of Local TV, LLC as it will be called. The release says the two, who have worked together before, plan to “build a broader media platform under their leadership.” Randy was called a visionary and great motivator with a strong track record of outstanding broadcast management, content development and engineering.
A Google search of Michaels and Lawrence turned up this bit of information.
From Wikipedia:
Randy Michaels (born Benjamin Homel) is an American broadcaster and entrepreneur. Although he began his career as an on-air personality (where he received the name “Randy Michaels”), he is principally known for building the Jacor radio station group, and later becoming the head of Clear Channel Communications‘ radio group after it merged with Jacor. After leaving Clear Channel in 2002, he again became involved in the radio business, acquiring syndication rights to a number of talk radio programs including The Ed Schultz Show, and participating in Federal Communications Commission spectrum auctions for new commercial FM radio stations in a number of small communities.

In addition to broadcasting, Michaels is also involved in the restaurant business in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, his long-time home.

I Googled Lawrence and found this brief posting from 2000.

Bobby Lawrence, an executive vice president with Clear Channel Radio, announced he will be leaving the company June 30. Formerly president and chief operating officer at Jacor Communications Inc., Lawrence joined Clear Channel when the two companies merged last year. Lawrence said he is exploring opportunities in radio outside of Clear Channel, but would not elaborate.

I guess now Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Michaels can now elaborate on future plans.

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