A Black Man who is Not Black Enough and We’ve Overdosed on Anna Nicole Smith Already!

So, just when is a person black enough to run for political office in the U-S and expect support from within the black community? When I first heard this on Comedy Channel’s Colbert Report, I thought this was a joke. But when author and columnist Debra Dickerson sat down for the interview, I realized she was serious. She was talking about how U-S Senator Barack Obama is NOT a black American since he is not a descendant of African slaves. She went on to say he had not lived the “black experience” and that may affect his support in the black community. I initially thought she was indicating that B.O. had not faced the prejudice that people of color face…until now and ironically that comes from within the black community. Dickerson went on to say that B.O. was not African-American but African African-American. This issue was also addressed on 60-Minutes Sunday night in a report by Steve Kroft. I can think of many reasons a candidate won’t get the support of somebody. Not being conservative enough, not being liberal enough, not being moderate enough. IMHO, this particular issue doesn’t seem to be a good argument for not supporting someone for office.

So, is there anyone who hasn’t heard everything he or she needs to know about Anna Nicole Smith already. If you need to hear more, please take my portion. Please, I beg you. I got tired of this story the day it happened and it was on every newscast. ANS is yet another person who is famous for being famous and I’m tired of all the cameras that have been trained on this human car-wreck. Yes, I feel sorry for her in the loss of her son last summer and now she’s died and left an infant child behind. But everybody has claimed to be the baby’s daddy except me and my oldest brother and I’m not sure about my oldest brother. Please. I think I’d rather go back to flogging the astronaut woman for a a couple of days. The astronaut’s lawyers have to be thanking ANS for taking over the headlines though. Of course I should be careful what I wish for in asking for change of headlines. Paris Hilton may realize that nobody is paying attention to her and do something outrageous just so she can recapture her top spot in non-news.

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8 Comments on “A Black Man who is Not Black Enough and We’ve Overdosed on Anna Nicole Smith Already!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Joe.
    For once I totally, beyond a reasonable doubt, and to a moral certainty, agree with you! ET and Channel 3 have literally beat this dead horse (ANS) into oblivion. It’s getting idiotic.

    Every day it’s been the same. They have covered everything from what was in the refrigerator to what she ate, to what the dog ate. I would not be surprised if they even report when she last pinched a dump.

    There just can’t be that many sick people who are tuning in to keep this story going. No wonder they are stealing vases from grave yards!
    Obama seems to be sincere and does have that knack for catching the camera’s eye. Very charismatic. Remains to be seen, jury is still out. He does have a lot of the JFK traits and speech cadence. He just might pull it off!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Black people are some of the most racist people I’ve met, at least here in the South. Many are just as racist against other blacks as they are against whites. A lot of black teens are scared to do well in school or dress appropriately due to fear of being called “too white.”
    Oh and there is no such thing as an African American. There are only Americans. I refuse to use AA because I think it’s divisive. Am I European American? NO

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just when I thought I had heard it all about ANS…….Kris starts into telling about glow in the dark condoms and a leopard print ironing board cover last night. The look and expression on Claudia’s face……..PRICELESS!

    Hoyt Wooten must be turning in his grave right now.
    Where is the news?

  4. bishop Says:

    A person not being black enough is a stupid statement. To adress anonymous 6:03, black people are not some of the racist people in the south. They may be prejudice but not racist. Racism is tsill prevelant in the south and it’s getting worse whether people want ot admit it or not. You have this hidden racism going on now. That’s the worst racism of all. When a person is doing something in your face, you can deal with that but when it’s sneaky, that a low one. We all have to rise above the challenges and see people as you would like to be seen.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You must be talking about Richard. Kris doesn’t anchor with Claudia..he does the morning shows.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I stand corrected!

    It was Richard.
    Kris is the guy with the new twins and, congrats are in order.

    But still……the look on Claudia’s face……PRICELESS!


  7. Joe Larkins Says:

    This is a test

  8. Joe Larkins Says:

    this is a sign on test

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