The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. (You decide which is which)

I’m back in the saddle on Blogspot, having finally been able to sign back on.
What did I miss?
WREG promoted a piece with former news anchor Jerry Tate talking about the arrest of his police officer son. Did I see it? No. Did I want to? No. Was I surprised to see the subject matter at all? Yes and No. I was surprised to see Jerry Tate talking about something such as this that was so painful for his family. I know what his son went through caused Jerry great personal distress as he was always quite proud his sons. Perhaps WREG said they were going to do something on the case of his son one way or another and that Jerry could throw in his 2-cents worth, I don’t know. Bottom line: it was a sweeps piece and easily promotable. I will say that Jerry looked good with the goatee.
I HAD planned to watch the Lesbian Gang story on WPTY. Not because of the content so much as the fact it was being promoted in commercial breaks on various cable shows. Then there’s the name. It struck me as something akin to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I meant to TIVO the WPTY news to catch the report but got distracted.
I see that Peggy Phillip is leaving the land of the Big Orange (Tennessee) to work in the land of the Orange man. (Syracuse) Don’t know when the move takes place or if she is already there. I know she grew up in South Dakota and spent some time in Boston so she is used to cold weather. Unlike Memphis, which practically shuts down if an inch of snow falls, Syracuse measures snow by the foot and yard. Ditch the lawnmower and buy a snowblower.
And speaking of weather, I was sent this tidbit by a friend who used to do weather. Apparently a weather guy was canned in Cincinnati and couldn’t decide what to do with himself.
This guy, Rich Apuzzo, set up a weather operation and set at his home and every night at 7pm delivers a forecast. You can subscribe to it for just 30-bucks a month. You can also buy commercial time and web space for a modest fee as well. Yah, I can’t wait to shell out 30-bucks to see something I would get free. Still, people laughed at Fred Smith and the Federal Express idea and Ted Turner and that CNN thing. We’ll wait and see but I wouldn’t hold my breath on this last venture.

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7 Comments on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. (You decide which is which)”

  1. Doug Johnson Says:

    Jerry does look good with the goatee.. and he’s lost a little weight too.

    It is a puzzler why he’d want to go through this again. Although, as you well know, people will often talk to the media about things that are incredibly personal… and not because they’re trying to get attention for themselves… like the people in the Anna Nicole tragicomedy.

    By the way, good to have you back.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I watched the Jerry Tate stories. I wasn’t impressed. Not with Jerry’s answers but with the way they wrote and put these stories together. Poorly written and the editing was even worse. Couldn’t they have been somewhat creative with the cover shots? For crying out loud!!!

    When Jerry or Richard mentioned talking to David on the telephone the editor gave us the wonderful visual of a telephone handset laying on the table. For pete’s sake…there are 9th graders who could put together a better story.

    Hearing from Jerry Tate again was welcomed and I was interested to hear from him again. But whoever wrote and edited the pieces clearly dropped the ball on this one. Maybe they only had one day to shoot, write and edit.

    Come on guys…Jerry deserves better.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Next thing you know, a guy like Joe Larkins may begin broadcasting news and hosting an outdoors show on the Web from his house.

  4. AMNewsBoy Says:

    As a followup, I found the link to the video in my history, even though it’s not on their Web site anymore.

  5. AMNewsBoy Says:

    I saw the promo on their Web site… and watched the replay online. I noticed that they had changed the verbiage somewhat between Tuesday and Wednesday (from “Lesbian Gangs” to “Girl Gangs” and “Violent Femmes”)… probably because the gay/lesbian community was (predictably, and probably justifiably) fired up about it.

    The piece itself, admittedly, wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be — however, I did notice that 1) they didn’t talk to ANYONE on camera with the gay/lesbian community about it and 2) they included what appeared to be a hastily-thrown in disclaimer at the end saying it wasn’t meant to stereotype the G/L community.

    Here’s something interesting, BTW… they had that story (the full version, as aired on 30 last night) on their Web site this morning — in video and in text. It’s nowhere to be found on there now.

  6. bishop Says:


    I must say that I enjoyed the Jerry Tate story. he looks good and quite younger I must add. He is moving to Florida and seems to be coping well. He showed pictures of when he used to anchor in the past. The showed one of he and Claudia Barr. She still looks the same. I must say since she’s been on there, i watch them more. She adds flavour. I wish jerry Tate the best and my prayers go out to his family.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I totally agree that the way the Jerry Tate stories was put together was poorly done. When Jerry talked about a couple of pictures in his photo album, the camera went from Jerry to the wide shot of the album. Jerry made a comical comment about one of the pictures and you couldn’t tell what he was referring to since no close up shot of the picture was ever shone. Then he talked about a vase he got from his Russia trip, you saw the camera again go from Jerry to the wide shot of the vase on the shelf. But once again no close up. The story would have been better if you could actually see in detail what Jerry was talking about.

    Shame that a great story was ruined by bad editing.

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