Okay, I’m Going to Try This One More Time…..

I’m currently testing out some other blogsites after repeatedly running into brick walls here in just trying to sign on. It’s about as easy to sign on here as (a) NOT finding an overhyped story on the local TV newscast during a ratings period, (b) trying to find a Memphis area politician who is NOT in trouble with the law or making hay about those who are (c) finding someone who lives in Memphis who has not been a victim of crime or knows someone who was. Yes, it’s that difficult. If you post a comment and it doesn’t appear for a few days, it’s because I can’t even sign in to allow your comments to be shared.
So as I test out other sites, I hope to eventually post a link to a new blogsite on this site as my last effort.
Having said that, let me move on to other areas.
I know members of the local media are probably stepping back to take stock of themselves after the good mayor of this city accused them of being on a witch hunt of sorts. Talk about a comment that should be throwing gasoline on the proverbial fire. It’s gotten ugly down at city hall and promises to get even uglier before all is said and done.
Congrats are in order to WREG for another win on the nightside. It’s a slim win but hey, it’s still a win. Take it as you get it. I will admit that even I’m disappointed in the Commercial Appeal on the latest numbers. They keep leaving out the information for the morning shows. Isn’t that the new “primetime”? Once again, if anybody has any numbers, please share. At last book, WREG was ahead with WHBQ making some inroads. WMC still made a strong showing as well I’m sure.

And finally, did anyone happen to catch U-S Congressman Steve Cohen of Memphis on the Comedy Channel’s Colbert Report. It aired either Wednesday or Thursday night and I’m sure the video is floating around somewhere on the internet ( I couldn’t find it on Colbert’s website as of this posting). I have to hand it to Cohen who was described as a mad black woman, he held his own. I managed to interview Cohen several times while he was a state senator and he’s a nice guy who lives in the same general neighborhood. I’m quite pleased to see that he did so well with Colbert who edits his interviews and can make the interviewee look like a doofus.

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7 Comments on “Okay, I’m Going to Try This One More Time…..”

  1. AMNewsBoy Says:

    It’s funny how AMs have been the new “primetime” for… the last 7 years or so? At least for as long as I’ve been in this line of work…

    (Not bitter, just an observation.)

  2. bishop Says:

    I saw where WREG won the 5am-5:30 with WMC following. WREG is kicking butt. Big Congrads to them.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    WREG also won the 6-7 am and noon.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    cohen IS on comedycentral.com. try again.

  5. Joe Larkins Says:

    I stand corrected

  6. Jason Says:

    Hey Joe!

    I’m sure that things will settle down here once Google gets the blogger acquisition completed. I still have some problems, but its gotten better.

    I don’t use blogger much anymore, tho’. WordPress offers some good blogging features (www.wordpress.com) if you haven’t checked them out.

    Thanks for the posts! And please post a link to your new home if you move!


  7. Anonymous Says:

    WREG also won the 6-7 am and noon.

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