Gay and in TV News. Who Cares. Apparently Some Do.

There’s been some buzz recently about whether CNN’s Anderson Cooper is gay. So what if he is. If you start getting rid of people who are on-air and gay, even locally, the ranks of on-air people will get a bit thin. I’m not sure what the big deal is. If the individual is a good reporter or good anchor, let that person do his job. Will you find that person less credible if he or she has an alternative lifestyle? As long as someone doesn’t let his or her personal life interfere, it really shouldn’t matter. I’ve worked with gays pretty much since I’ve been in broadcasting. I didn’t find out half of those were gay until either they left for another job or I left for another job. I suspected some folks were but others hid it well. I’ve read that statistically one out of ten people in the U-S is gay or lesbian. That means in a 50-person newsroom, the chances are that five people in that newsroom have an alternative lifestyle. In my personal observations, the number of people who are gay in a TV newsroom runs higher. I’m not sure why, but so what. I figure they have a tough enough life in society without me judging them. I consider some of these folks my good friends and like to get together on occasion to chat about TV in particular and the world in general. I’ve worked with one person who was a manager and a real pain in the newsroom. I was glad when that person left for another newsroom. I’m told that person chilled out quite a bit after coming out of the closet. These days it seems like it’s less of an issue. Kind of like interracial dating or marriage, which in Memphis can still be an issue. Yes, it might still turn a few heads here in the Bible Belt but more and more it’s being accepted. Some on-air people locally keep up the facade and there are plenty of whispers. I know I’ve been asked about some people locally since I left TV news. Other people will tell you if you ask and others are really open about it. In my opinion in the long run, it’s all about the job they do. If Anderson Cooper is gay, so be it. He’s on CNN and CBS 60 Minutes and getting a lot of exposure. Kick him out if he doesn’t do his job or pull in the ratings. In the meantime, leave him alone.

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4 Comments on “Gay and in TV News. Who Cares. Apparently Some Do.”

  1. Robert Says:

    Well said.

  2. AMNewsBoy Says:

    Speaking as an openly gay journalist, I totally agree. It’s his business, and that’s all there is to it.

    I will agree, it surprises me sometimes when I hear about how many openly gay people are in various newsrooms… when I was at NLGJA last fall, some of the big-name folks that were there blew me away. But — it’s their call to be out, and not ours to make…. and, really, that goes for what any journalist does (gay/straight/etc) outside of the office. When it affects their job, then yes, it should be an issue — not a minute before.

  3. gaynewsperson Says:

    Kudos Joe!

  4. beavis Says:

    heheh, he said “blew me”

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