Female Anchor Attire & Memphis Makes a Headline in the NYTimes

TV is all about the pictures. That’s why in many newscasts if it bleeds, it leads. We get bombarded with pictures of scantily clad celebrities and high speed chases. If it’s caught on tape, we end up seeing it on the boob-tube. Which brings me to my question of just how female anchors should dress while on the air. I’m not picking on the females. It’s just that male anchors wear the standard coat and tie although some could use help in picking out the combinations. No, I’m talking about the plunging necklines showing ample cleavage. This was a question posed on TVSpy’s Watercooler section recently. Just as “it’s not bragging if it’s so” I guess if you’ve got it flaunt it, especially if it helps bring in viewers. Stations hire talent these days not because of their reporting abilities but because they are easy on the eyes and generally cheap. Paraphrasing one ND, I can teach a good looking gal to report, I can’t teach an ugly reporter to be good looking. So, in these days where it’s all about the ratings shouldn’t a female anchor with the assets be encouraged periodically to go on the air with a plunging neckline or stand in front of the Chroma-wall for the full body shot if she has the goods to back it up. Some will decry this as a sexist and perhaps voyeuristic observation but don’t think it’s not done or at least considered by managers from time to time. Granted, there are limits since nobody wants to be hit with harassment lawsuits. But I remember the case of a buxom young thing from the Duluth market a few years back whose news director encouraged her to wear only sweaters while doing the weather. She eventually sued and won. If she had come up with the idea, I guess it would have been okay.
And I got a note from a former broadcaster/co-worker who left the business to do TV for a private company. He alerted me to the fact that Memphis’ MLG&W utility scandal made the bigtime with an article appearing in the NYTimes. I guess it’s times like these that I’m more than a little embarrassed about what goes on in Memphis. For years I’ve read about stuff out of another Mississippi River town about corruption, scandals and other problems. That town or rather city is New Orleans. I remember thinking “how can the locals put up with this. How do they keep electing these boneheads. How do the locals tolerate this crap.” Now that I see some strange things going on in Memphis, I’m still wondering.

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One Comment on “Female Anchor Attire & Memphis Makes a Headline in the NYTimes”

  1. Ranger_Bob Says:

    I have some friends in Louisiana. They tell me the quandry is in deciding who is the LEAST corrupt….

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